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Comment Re: Counterargument (Score 1) 243

Overly broad discovery requests are fun but there's a good response - imagine getting 500,000 pages of text from the company's records department, in shuffled order, with hand written notes, and copies of faxed printouts of email so illegible OCR gives up. Oh, and the incriminating stuff is accidentally missing (or did you just not find it yet?)

That's assuming the discovery request isn't ignored or thrown out by the court. Also, their lawyers are better than yours, and they're in-house (not hourly) and really bored. Your only recourse ends up being bad PR, but that makes finding a new job harder, so it's lose-lose.

But if you have a union....

Comment Re: Quite a few posts about New Zealand lately (Score 2) 243

Don't feel bad - in America we have "at will employment" by default, so your employer doesn't even need a reason to fire you. For any reason or no reason, just not for an illegal reason. On the other hand, for gov't employees it's almost impossible to fire them; procedural due process applies for some reason, somewhere in the Constitution.

Comment Sorta (Score 5, Insightful) 84

They took present-day versions of the protein in living organisms, used a computer to interpolate a hypothetical common ancestor, then 'found' sequence homology - but people already knew the sequence was highly conserved, it's evident in modern organisms. There were no "fossils" involved. And conserved sequences make for poor molecular clocks, so who knows if it was 4 billion years ago.

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