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Submission + - Android's Growth Is A Pain In The App For Developers

rjmarvin writes: Flush in market share, emerging platforms and devices, Android developers face a fragmented version, IDE and app tooling landscape Android grew to 81.5% of the global smartphone market share in 2014, Spread within that massive growth is an operating system split into different forks on different smartphone and tablet device lines, made by different manufacturers all running different versions of Android itself, from Froyo to Lollipop. Despite more features, development options, platforms and emerging devices to target than ever before, actually developing for Android can be a pain in the app.

Submission + - Joyent Launches Triton For Elastic Bare Metal Data Center Docker Deployments

rjmarvin writes: Joyent, the cloud infrastructure provider that serves as the steward of Node.js, today announced Triton, a new “elastic” container infrastructure stack that extends Docker deployments directly on bare metal. Consisting of a cloud-based service along with Triton Enterprise for on-premises deployment, Triton virtualizes the data center as a single, elastic Docker host, removing orchestration layers for more streamlined scaling and deployment of Docker applications. The open-source platform is designed address community concerns about some of the shortcomings in the popular emerging container technology, implementing its existing SmartOS container runtime for multi-tenant Docker security with native Linux binaries.

Submission + - SourceForge removes Offending Binkiland Software From Its Installer

rjmarvin writes: SourceForge has removed Binkiland, software believed to be malware by users of the open-source code repository, from its well of installer options for developers A Binkiland support team member reached out to SD Times after its initial coverage of the Binkiland malware present in third-party SourceForge installers. After SourceForge director Robert Galoppini explained how Binkiland was removed and reinstalled, the Binkiland representative provided instructions for how to remove the software.

Submission + - OpenSSL To Undergo Massive Security Audit

rjmarvin writes: Now that its codebase is finally viewed as stable, OpenSSL is getting a good top-to-bottom once-over in the form of a sweeping audit As part of the Linux Foundation’s Core Infrastructure Initiative, the foundation and the Open Crypto Audit Project are sponsoring and organizing what may arguably be the highest-profile audit of a piece of open-source software in history. The audit itself will be conducted by the information assurance organization NCC Group, and its security research arm, Cryptography Services, will carry out the code review https://cryptoservices.github.... of OpenSSL's 447,247 line codebase over the next several months.

Submission + - Is Oracle About To Buy Salesforce?

rjmarvin writes: There’s a crazy rumor going around Silicon Valley right now that Oracle is about to buy Insiders have sold off a bit of stock, concentrated around Feb. 24, when a segment on CNBC questioned a large volume of trades of Salesforce stock. Marc Benioff even put in later in the month, selling more than a million dollars of stock. He did the same thing again on March 7, and some other executives started pushing their options onto the markets as well. Conventional wisdom says the rumor is simple cash maneuvering and works against Marc Benioff's competitive advantage against Oracle, or smoke signaling a much longer-term deal.

Submission + - Milestone ECMAScript 6 on track for June release

rjmarvin writes: ECMAScript 6, the landmark official update to JavaScript, has entered the next phase of the standardization process along the road to a June 2015 wide release. ECMAScript project editor Allen Wirfs-Brock has submitted ECMAScript 6 Release Candidate 1 for review, with the specification coming in at 653 pages. Wirfs-Brock confirmed to SD Times the June ES6 release timetable and said “ECMAScript 6 is such a significant advance over previous versions of JavaScript that it’s really what all JavaScript programmers will come to expect over the next couple of years."

Submission + - Node.js Announces Move To Open Governance Model, Establishes Node.js Foundation

rjmarvin writes: Node.js is moving to an open governance model under the auspices of the newly announced Node.js Foundation Cloud infrastructure company Joyent, the corporate steward behind the open-source runtime technology, announced the establishment of an independent Node.js Foundation with Fidelity, IBM, Microsoft and PayPal as founding members. “In the overall model for where the project should reside, we set about creating this foundation allowing us to drive a healthy ecosystem and a vibrant community without snuffing out innovation, and without parts of the community feeling excluded or disenfranchised,” said Joyent CEO Scott Hammond in an interview with SD Times, where he also talked about keeping up with the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine, how the community feels about the io.js fork, and the release of Node.js 0.12 along the roadmap to version 1.0.

Submission + - W3C To Standardize Web Application Data Access in Connected Cars

rjmarvin writes: The World Wide Web Consortium is taking over how the Web is integrated into connected car applications and OSes, committing to “ develop APIs to expose vehicle data and information from an automotive network to a Web application.” As companies like Apple and Google begin expanding the reach of their mobile operating systems into automotive software, the W3C has announced a new Automotive Working Group The international Web standards organization will partner with major car manufacturers, but chip makers, browser makers and mobile carriers to shape the way connected car applications and automotive infotainment systems integrate user data, from sending drivers weather and traffic notifications to giving apps access to vehicle speed, tire pressure and even driver seat position data.

Submission + - The Container Wars Are Heating Up 1

rjmarvin writes: The application container wars are heating up, as two of the largest companies in the space reveal dueling announcements. Docker announced three leadership roles for the Docker open-source project, while rival CoreOS rolled out version 0.2 of its Rocket container runtime and version 2.0 of the etcd key-value store. 2015 is the year Linux containers go mainstream.

Submission + - Snapchat And Enterprise Software: The Business Potential Of Ephemeral Apps

rjmarvin writes: Ephemeral messaging software and apps like Snapchat are consumer-specific platforms with the potential to transform into enterprise products In the same way Facebook helped the enterprise connect their employees, ephemeral software also points to trends that can boost software in the enterprise space. Features including off-the-record conversations, secure handling of short-term information, scope-setting and BYOD implications could drive business adoption of Snapchat-esque apps.

Submission + - HashiCorp Atlas: A Commercial DevOps SaaS With Open-Source At Its Core

rjmarvin writes: After releasing five popular open-source technologies including Vagrant, HashiCorp is tying them all together with Atlas—a commercial DevOps and application-delivery product for developing, deploying, and maintaining applications on any infrastructure “Atlas is really the universal answer to application delivery and DevOps in general,” HashiCorp CEO Mitchell Hashimoto told SD Times The release of Atlas is a milestone for HashiCorp. Along with Atlas, the company today announced US$10 million in Series A funding, which according to Hashimoto will be used to commercialize Atlas while continuing to support its open-source projects.

Submission + - Workers On Autism Spectrum Finding Careers In Software Testing

rjmarvin writes: According to Autism Speaks, about 85% of people who have autism in the United States are currently unemployed or underemployed, but a social enterprise organization called Meticulon is training autistic individuals for highly skilled jobs in software testing According to Meticulon, autistic people often possess sharp memory and pattern matching skills as well as attention to detail, making them ideal candidates for software testing jobs. Each year's crop of autistic students or Meticulon Consultants is tested and evaluated to develop their MindMap, a unique profile of skills and ideal work environment ultimately used to find these trained software testers an ideal job.

Submission + - Welcome To CodeFightClub

rjmarvin writes: The 18-year old software engineer behind CodeFightClub says it's okay to talk about CodeFightClub The new online programming arena where coders can go head-to-head in 84 different programming languages and templating syntaxes started as an open-source passion project and is quickly growing into a battleground where developers face off, trading code blows line-by-line while commenters and voters determine who's winning the fight as a competitive way to improve coding skills.

Submission + - Microsoft Announces Visual Studio 2015 Preview, Tool Upgrades To Azure, .NET

rjmarvin writes: Microsoft revealed Visual Studio, Visual Studio Online, Azure and .NET Framework updates at a New York City developer event today. Public previews of Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 2015 are being made available today—along with new cross-platform Apache Cordova and Visual C++ tools in Visual Studio 2015—while .NET is going open source and cross-platform. The company also announced a free Community edition of Visual Studio, according to Microsoft corporate VP of the developer division Soma Somasegar.

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