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Comment Re:time to port gnome! (Score 1) 828

Of the apps you listed, only Tomboy is an official Gnome app. The others are just third-party apps written using the gnome libs and Mono. Furthermore, there are (in my opinion) better gtk or gnome apps in each category that that don't use Mono. I don't see how this makes Mono "firmly entrenched" in Gnome.

For the record, I am a long time user of gnome, but am deeply skeptical about Mono, and avoid it like the plague. This attitude seems to be fairly common in the gnome community in my experience.

Also, to keep this message on topic, I don't use QT or even have it installed on my systems, but I think this license change is a smart idea, and I hope it increases QT usage in areas where it makes sense.

Comment Re:time to port gnome! (Score 1) 828

Oddly enough, Qt and KDE are the "free" ones now, where as Gnome is now firmly entrenched with Mono.

Do you have any evidence of this? To the best of my knowledge, the Gnome community is deeply ambivalent about Mono. There are very few official Gnome apps that use it.

Comment Re:Strategy fail (Score 1) 828

"if you avoid using programs from another desktop"

Which is just not possible. Where is the CD burning program in GNOME that beats K3B? Where is the music player that beats Amarok? In the other direction, where is the office suite that beats OpenOffice.org? You cannot avoid mixing GTK and Qt apps on a desktop without hurting yourself.

Personally, I don't really like K3B. I use Gnome Baker and am perfectly happy with it. Amarok seems decent enough, but I prefer Quod Libet, a player that uses gtk, gstreamer, and python.

I don't mean any disrespect to the hackers who have put a lot of hard work into KDE/QT apps, but I don't even have QT installed on my system any more and don't feel like I'm missing anything. Likewise, I'm sure someone so inclined could do without gnome and gtk. It may be hard, though, to find an adequate substitute for OpenOffice, if one needs that sort of app.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 2, Informative) 506

Having a stock option is not the same thing as having actual stock. An option is just the right to buy stock at a predetermined price at some point in the future. As a rule, you only exercise that option when you actually want to sell the stock and take your money, since there is little to no upside to exercising the option and then holding on to the stock. Furthermore, all options that haven't been exercised already are likely worthless, since the stock price has come down so much, and will probably never be exercised.

However, Microsoft stopped giving out stock options in 2003, and started giving direct stock grants. I'm not sure, but I suspect that these are non-voting shares. Microsoft's executives and board could not care less about the wishes of non-voting stockholders. I suppose these stockholders could organize a class-action lawsuit against the board, claiming they are not living up to their fiduciary duties. If things get bad enough where this is likely to happen, though, Microsoft will have much bigger problems to worry about.


Early Reviews Reflect Well On Mirror's Edge 73

The much-anticipated first person non-shooter Mirror's Edge is being released today for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Reviews for the game, while not without complaints, are generally positive. 1Up praises the controls, saying, "It gets things very right very early, distilling its first-person platformer ambitions into a very manageable control scheme. ... Once you're familiar with Faith's abilities and their limitations — imparted through a much-needed tutorial — it's easy to see potential routes through the world." Ars Technica is more critical, noting that the main story's gameplay only clocks in at about six hours, and that the artistic style doesn't vary much between levels. Nick Channon, a producer for Mirror's Edge, sat down with Gamasutra and discussed the reasoning for some of their design choices. The PC version of Mirror's Edge and some additional downloadable content will be available in January.

Users Know Advertisers Watch Them, and Hate It 243

Chris Blanc tips an Ars writeup on a survey of consumer attitudes toward targeted advertising. The results of the survey, conducted for TRUSTe, confirm that advertisers are in a tough spot. "[The survey company] randomly selected 1,015 nationally representative adults... Although only 40 percent of the group was familiar with the term 'behavioral targeting,' most users were well aware of the practice. 57 percent reported that they weren't comfortable their activities [were being] tracked for advertising purposes, even if the information couldn't be tied to their names or real-life identities. Simultaneously, 72 percent of those surveyed said that they find online advertising annoying when the ads are not relevant to their needs..."

Submission + - Building a modern IT infrastructure for < $3,00 (playingwithwire.com)

mvip writes: "This article talks about how to build a modern IT infrastructure from scratch with a sub-$3,000 budget. It's not the first article about saving costs using Open Source and Linux, but a slightly different approach using LTSP. The article goes through how to build an IT infrastructure from scratch with 10 clients and 1 server for $3,000 without having to settle for low performance and obsolete software."

Submission + - Bachelor's Degree of Uselessness? 1

DarkMorph writes: I have received my bachelor's degree in computer science back in May, and it's nearly September now, and my job search seems to be entirely in vain. So far I have had only one opportunity in California, which ended up being a big group interview and it was a dud. Lately I've found an online business that distributes resumes to thousands of recruiters nationwide. I received from them the list of 569 recruiters (with jobs in Florida where I live and California where I want to be) that they contacted with my resume and I still sit in silence after two weeks. My college degree doesn't seem to be very rewarding at all, and I don't know what to do about getting a job that pays enough for me to move out. The Slashdot community would be the best to address regarding employment due to the variety and quantity of readers, and I was wondering what would be a good step for me to do next? I know a handful of programming languages, and web languages, but I find C/C++ and Linux-related stuff the most interesting.
Networking (Apple)

Submission + - The Woz + Kathy Griffin = Hitched (bestweekever.tv)

gr8gatzby writes: "Well we can probably guess their kids names: Clarus for the boy and Lisa for the girl. It appears that Kathy Griffin has a thing for geeks, as her last hubby(infamous for laundering money from her) was as well.

From The Best Week Ever: "...things are looking up for Kath. She's found a new man. A successful man. Sadly, it's not her absolutely adorable assistant Tom (what chemistry those kids have!), rather... a much bigger, richer man. Co-founder of Apple Computers Steve Wozniak to be exact. The two met after Steve saw Kathy perform. Now, we know Steve might not be the handsomest man around, but fans of Kathy know that looks really aren't that important to her. And looks aside... could you really ask for a better catch than the co-founder of Apple F**king Computers? Wethinks not. And, as a side note, from what we've seen on her reality show, Kathy is an Apple girl through and through... which is adorable!"

http://www.bestweekever.tv/2007/08/17/off-the-mark et-kathy-griffin-finds-a-new-man/"


Submission + - Gunman and Hostage killed at Johnson Space Center

coaxial writes: CNN among others are reporting the end of a hostage standoff at Building 44 of Johnson Space Center. The unidentified gunman took two hostages, and after a standoff with police on the second floor of the building apparently shot both of the hostages and himself. One of the hostages died at the scene and the other was rushed to a nearby hospital.

No doubt this one of several copycat incidents we can expect in the coming weeks.
The Internet

Submission + - Porn is now less popular on the Internet

Ant writes: "Digg shares a short Economist.com story about how in America, the proportion of site visits that are pornographic is falling and people are flocking to sites categorized "net communities and chat" — chiefly social-networking sites such as MySpace, Bebo and Facebook. Traffic to such sites is poised to overtake traffic to sex sites in America any day now..."

Submission + - Flash put to good use. User created content.

An anonymous reader writes: We're finally seeing Flash — now in its 9th version — being put to some good use. Meta driven it becomes what it promised years ago. This A List A Part article http://alistapart.com/articles/semanticflash shows one aspect of it, enabling Joe User and his gardener too, to make their sites W2.0 savvy. I seriously like the idea behind http://www.purposegames.com/ where users upload images to create their own knowledge games with a pretty simple flash module. All in all a good time for us who stand with one leg in the designer arena, and the other on the developer scene.

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