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Comment Poor little monster (Score 5, Informative) 288

Getting pushed around? Not used to having to deal with someone that can bite back? Keep in mind this is the company that has a track record of attacking any and all start-up cable and connector makers.

This is a great read - a small-time cable maker basically telling monster suck it after they sent their default "infringement" claim.

Comment Paypal shouldn't ask (Score 1) 122

Because none of the other robo-callers do and the FCC does FUCK ALL about them. I've been getting robo dialled at least twice a day now for months. Credit card rate lowering services, free cruises, free shit for seniors, etc. I'm on the DoNotCall list, and I have to answer unknown numbers due to my work. I've filed dozens of complaints on their website and nothing changes.

What could be an easier crime to track down? Electronic record of phone call? Solicitation of a financial transaction? Hundreds if not thousands of complaints per offender.

Worthless, useless federal bureaucracy.

Comment Aptitude instead of existing knowledge (Score 1) 263

Unless you're hiring someone for a specific development role (in which case you know exactly what you need) there's really no right answer to this question. But evaluating someone's ability to learn and do on their own is paramount in my experience. I'm a sysadmin and don't code much but I have written my own python scripts that interact with databases including scripts with classes and modules as well as multi-threaded scripts. It was what was necessary to fix the problem at hand. Just don't ask me to sit down and write it during the interview, I will likely need a day or two to buff the rust off my knowledge.

Comment Let's call it what it really is.. (Score 3, Informative) 208

The Clinton Corrupt Slush Fund for Easy Policy Change..

Need some weapons deals pushed through? Donate millions to the foundation!

And who really cares where the money goes.. Charity Navigator won't even rank them due to their "atypical business model." It's a slush fund for the Clintons to doll out favors to their political toadies. Nevermind Hillary's absurd "I can't carry two devices" excuse for hosting a private mail server in her house to conduct State Department business.

Comment Re:Never talk about feminity crisis. (Score 1) 950

What you saw was girls being silly little girls. It's curious, immature pack behaviour ridiculing the guy because one didn't get what she wanted and the other didn't want to be asked out. He's better off not having ended up going out with either of them.

But yes, to your point, I agree there is every bit as much of a confusion of femininity as is there is masculinity.

Comment Lingering effects of our puritanical past (Score 5, Insightful) 950

I don't think there are many guys out there, video game addicts or otherwise, who would prefer masturbation to porn over sex with someone they like, trust, and feel comfortable with. The problem is, as Mr. Zimbardo alludes, we don't demystify sex for kids so that it becomes a regular life experience. If you never get anything more than an awkward biological overview of sex from school it will, at least for many boys, remain this mysterious, anxiety-provoking, forbidden fruit. Some magic experience that women zealously keep locked up in the castle. Porn is nothing more than a safe, artificial side-channel outlet for temporary relief of sexual frustration. It's lame but it is also understandable.

tl;dr - Our society sucks when it comes to preparing kids for sexual maturity.

Comment Unpaid shill for BlackBerry.. (Score 5, Interesting) 434

My z10 is now two years old. It runs better than it did when I first bought it. It now runs almost all Android apps without issue. I pretty much only charge it when I notice it running low -- I can't remember the last time it died overnight. The battery lasts at least 24 hours even with regular use. In an hour on the charger it is almost back to full charge. Then there's the security, BlackBerry Blend, the fact that if I lose it or it gets stolen it is a brick to whomever ends up with it.

For the life of me I do not understand all the BlackBerry hate on slashdot.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 407

I respectfully disagree that chomping on meth is a standard practice everywhere. And, honestly, what you're mostly describing is the hedonic treadmill. If you have to take amphetamines just to keep pace then you're likely in some ultra high pressure job. Get out. If it means taking a pay cut and moving to a smaller place then so be it. In the end your children will do better having a healthy father around than they will being shuttled off to violin/dance/soccer/drama class every day while Dad palpitates at work, awaiting his final heart attack.

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