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Comment Re:How to cause panic with statistics (Score 0) 222

There is a very simple rule about this: If it's hot, that is climate. If it's cold, that is just weather.

That was the old rule. Now it's : If it's hot this summer, manmade carbon is at fault. If it's cold this winter, manmade carbon is at fault. If we have a big hurricane year or a fifteen-year stretch of no hurricanes, same thing. Got it now?

Comment All bicycles will eventually be stolen (Score 1) 208

Given a Google fleet of 1100 bikes, losing 200 per week is a blisteringly high rate of loss. And they can't be counting the ones that are are just borrowed overnight, like the example of the woman who works at Oracle and rides to the train station, because these would not be missed unless the count were to take place at the time the bike is not at Google. The articles describe many of these thefts as pure vindictiveness, like throwing them in the creek or stashing dozens of them in a garage because somehow, Google having its employees ride carpool buses is an excuse for class resentment. This is the pure class warfare, like those inner city kids who grab tablets from subway commuters just to smash in front of the victim.

Perhaps it's time for some major Silicon Valley companies to move to places where their jobs and money are more welcome.

Comment Re:Same Ol' Argument... (Score 1) 424

7. Professing concern for climate as the world's most urgent problem, yet automatically coming out against any industrial-scale solution to your industrial-scale problem. When the pinwheels and mirrors you fiddle with are shown to be inadequate as a replacement for the fossil fuel we consume, advocate ditching heavy and large cities and returning to an Amish existence.

Comment Re:Two points on this (Score 1) 681

A repeat criminal who has had many contacts with the police is not going to just open the door to a SWAT raid and stand there waving his arms with his mouth open. He knows all about assuming the position and never doing anything that might be construed by a badly trained, roided-up donut muncher as being a reach for his waistband.

Comment Re: I know how to fix this (Score 1) 308

Give my regards to Osmotherley, where I hiked through in '14. If you want to replace Drax with something more useful, I would add a nuclear plant at the Windscale reprocessing facility, where my hike started and where the nuclear bullet has already been bitten. Every little town we passed through in Cumbria and Yorkshire was fighting the NIMBY battle over its own three-turbine wind installation. Time to replace that whole assemblage of ugly junk with one big old zero-carbon generating station.

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