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Comment Re:Hated only by a few. (Score 2) 106

What we discovered with the public beta of Glass was that sousveillance, watching other people from within a scene, is deemed creepier than surveillance, monitoring a scene from outside it. Credit Google with discovering something new about human nature. Now we know how to do Glass, or its successor, right.

Comment This should have been the initial release (Score 3) 106

Glass is a great idea for surgeons, mechanics, and any worker who needs a hands-free way of looking at reference material while working inside a motorcycle or a human heart. Niche applications would have given Glass a cool factor to take into the larger world, rather than having acquired an asshole factor in the outside world first and having to overcome that in the workplace.

Comment I detect a massive irony orebody (Score 1) 399

Finance / banking is one of those lines of business that requires a degree of all employees for no particular reason. An MBA or other job-specific cert applies only to the higher positions; for everyone else, it's just a matter of policy that you have something.

So if you overpaid at Evergreen College for that genderqueer theory masters that by now you have found opens no employment doors, you will end up working for a bank or collection agency, shuffling that very same legacy paperwork incompetently enough to let large numbers of your fellow liberal arts slackers off the hook for their student loans.

Comment I don't see a problem here (Score 1) 170

So long as we have the AIs keep us informed of the meaning of each coined term, being able to observe new natural languages arise and evolve is research gold. It would shed more light on old questions like, is there a human 'machine language' underlying all the natural languages we speak?

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