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Comment Re:Nicely done (Score -1, Flamebait) 470

You worthless government thug! How's about I introduce a little friend to your asshole so that it may feast upon said friend? Yes, your asshole is a tadpole sucker! It's a foul little tadpole sucker, and it's rotting away by the yoctosecond! Oh, yeah! I'm going to smooch your rectum with my cock good! Yeah, get him! Smooch it! What say you?

Comment Re:Sure, in this case (Score -1, Troll) 105

Wow! What do you have here? A rancid Bayer aspirin hole, that's what! What is this rancid underhole doing? It's begging me to shove my fetid cock right into it and smooch the deepest reaches of your bowels with said cock! Wow, what a foul asshole you have, and it's even filled with treat-treats for my cock! Let's get our feces on and start this party! What say you?

Comment Re:so... (Score -1, Offtopic) 105

As everyone here knows, I have a rancid as fuck asshole. I'm sure everyone here also knows that Slashdotters always possess rancid assholes. Now, I've been thinking... isn't it a bit lonely that our rancid assholes can't talk amongst themselves? I've already used my fetid cock to smooch everyone's bowels, but what if I could shove my disgusting asshole into your foul assholes? Impossible, right? Wrong! With an anal prolapse, the impossible becomes possible! I can penetrate your repugnant assholes with my rancid asshole and they can party down together! It's a feces fiesta! What say you?

Comment A confession. (Score -1, Troll) 57

My dear Slashdotters, I have a confession to make: I'm a buttnude extraordinaire! I know, I know; you'll never be able to look at me the same way ever again. My power is something that is incomprehensible to ordinary beings such as yourselves, so coming to understand me is an impossible task. I dare say that you're all merely sandwiches that will never know bread.

Honestly, you're all just eyesores. Why not vanish?

Comment Re:But, Corporations are People! (Score 1) 367

There are ways to escape it... if you're lucky, and being lucky means that you have many, many people on your side. Even if you do vote, that doesn't mean you're going to win. Have you seen how the two most evil parties (republicans and democrats) when again and again thanks to the fact that most people are imbeciles? I can say for certain that we're not lucky at the moment.

Comment Re:Remember how low the US is ranked (Score 1) 304

Maybe there's not much you can do with such simple subject matter, but I still feel the tests are still sorely lacking.

It appears designed to be relatively easy for good students.

It is often the case that "good students" are merely people who follow instructions, not necessarily people who are truly intelligent. I'll agree that the tests would be easy for people who actually understand the material, but that's not the problem; the problem is that many people can pass such tests by only memorizing facts. Of course, I don't think that memorization is always a bad thing (as some things need to be memorized), but the way we're having students in the public school system memorize material, rather than have them understand it, is seriously disappointing.

It seems to get worse and worse as the subject matter gets more complicated.

It's an non-ideal test for a non-ideal system

Of course.

Tests like these exist because there is a demand for "accountability" through quantitative and behavioral performance metrics. Their scale and desired uniformity require simple multiple choice exams, which in turn must test many small, concrete problems in using some common vocabulary.

NCLB only made this problem even worse. As I see it, our public school system has had these same problems (one-size-fits-all education, rote memorization, ridiculous testing, etc.) for a very long time.

Well, I agree with you that the problem is certainly not going to get better if we keep cutting funding like we are.

Comment Re:Another reason I no longer fly. (Score 1) 298

Any pussy who says they won't fly has been sucking on his momma's teets for too many years and needs to get out in the world and visit a 3rd world country to know what real suffering.

Those things called rights? Who cares about them!? The constitution? Just a worthless piece of paper, and anyone who complains is just a wimp.

Oh, and if I punch you in the face, you have no right to complain because I could've broken your arm instead!

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