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Comment Re:I thought (Score 1) 40

Well I happen to like Starbucks coffee, and so do many other people; but obviously you were trolling. Starbucks however, doesn't seem to think highly of selling coffee. I think there is honor in selling coffee (a little over the top there). But Starbucks wants to sell merchandise, breakfast sandwiches, and soon lunch sandwiches, and books. Mr. Schulz wrote two books, not sure why, they want to sell these books. Also peppermint mochas and frappuchinos.

As long as they keep a neat place with the heat going in December and lots of chairs, and the coffee (which as I mentioned, I like), it's OK to be there if you aren't a hipster, or own an i-device, and all that nonsense. You can even pay with your app or whatever if you want, I won't judge.

Comment VW familywith VCDS (Score 1) 195

You can set many convenience features (and some drivetrain-related ones too, I believe) in VW-family cars. You buy a dongle and software (runs $200 and up) called VCDS (used to be VAG-COM) and connect the car to a PC or smartphone, and go to town. For example, if your car doesn't already have it, you can install a rain-light sensor, and then tell the car to roll up windows and the sunroof when it rains.

Comment Re:Pretty obvious (Score 2, Insightful) 115

Thing is, red light cameras catch people who are entering an intersection on red, which is illegal, dangerous, and inconsiderate (me-first-fuck-you'ers). You can argue about whether the amber/yellow should be 3 seconds or 4, and whether it was reduced in order to increase the revenue; but the minimum (federally mandated, I believe) is 3 s, and 3 s is plenty of time to stop or to go through based on conditions. RLC tickets in Chicago have a human review them, so they're not sent if conditions make it impossible to not go through (again you can argue over this).

But in the majority of situations (I'd guesstimate 99%), and RLC catches a person doing something illegal. There is no question of balancing rights and improvement in traffic conditions.

The Almighty Buck

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Buys the LA Clippers For $2 Billion 270

DroidJason1 (3589319) writes "Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has purchased the LA Clippers for a whopping $2 billion, also setting a new record price for an NBA team. This deal is apparently tentative until Donald Sterling gives his blessing. Twenty-nine other NBA owners need to offer their approval as well, but that shouldn't be a problem as long as Ballmer reaffirms his commitment of keeping the Clippers in Los Angeles. Interestingly, Donald Sterling had purchased the team back in June of 1981 for $12.5 million." We talked about this earlier in the week when rumors of the purchase started circulating.

Comment Re:Hurray for Japan (Score 4, Informative) 274

By your own premise, once you "snap your fingers and make all the guns go away in America," then the people suffering from "problems of undertreatment of the mentally ill, mistreatment of the poor, and the prevailing attitude that I'm not responsible for my own actions" will not be able to shoot anyone. Thus the murder rate would go down (since you imply it is because of these problems, and not the availability of guns, that people shoot people).

Comment Re:Yep. (Score 1) 353

There is another legal problem that this technical solution doesn't address. User A racks up 100 miles owed. Then says FU, and deletes their account. They create another account and continue to rack up miles. Who will take action against A? The exchange will send them a stern email?

Or, rapists/criminals determine that this is a good way to get their targets to lower their guard, and cities are faced with another crime vector. Who pays to enforce?

Comment Re:trolololol overrated. (Score 1) 202

I wouldn't consider myself a KDE fanboy, having used it only for oh, like 3 years but I moved to it after some of that Unity/Gnome2/Gnome3/I-forget-the-details mess. Suddenly I found I could tweak things to my preference (nothing fanboyish, just being able to turn on editable paths, different views, etc. in the file explorer; a searchable "Start" button). I did find the default appearance ugly, but customized it (KFaenza icon-set, Smaragd window theme engine-thingy that lets me use a really nice Emerald window theme called HUD). I also use Windows everyday, and much prefer KDE. Yeah, some things don't work well - Wally breaks frequently because KDE makes it hard to change the wallapaper from the cmd line, Samba mounts ask for passwords repeatedly... but those are things that either aren't possible in Windows (or Unity, I suppose, I never looked back at that one), or well, they work in Windows (but other things drive my preference towards KDE).

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