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Comment The first answer is not QA (Score 1) 213

tl;dr (yet)

But I do have something to say about the immediate response of "QA". These are design issues (as has been mentioned). QA is not where you test out that sort of thing. Up-front design (not necessarily Big) should be the first response. Now is not the time to slack off on design, just because a lot of the components have already been written.

Comment Re:"Vote" (Score 1) 152

He's not a troll. If you search on "hackingbear" you can see that he's (probably) just some Chinese adolescent who's fallen for the nationalist line that problems in the U.S. mean China is no worse off.

Anthony Wiener's shens ==> it's ok to lock up dissidents in China. QED.

Comment Re:Evidence and Explanation (Score 0, Flamebait) 596

MS is lying and you're a chump. (Sorry.)

(1) Both IE and the Bing toolbar are from MS. Doesn't matter whether they use one or the other; the directive at MS has come down from on high: use Google's results.

(2) The Google search results are only one input into MS's algorithm (they shouldn't be an input /at all/.) Of course all 100 honeypots won't show up. The fact that any did at all is incriminating, given that the data is completely synthetic.

Comment Re:Don't pick just one (Score 1) 897

Ya know what? I don't think employers give a shit about "paradigms". Imperative rules the world (as opposed to functional or declarative).

You're right about picking up a new language within the imperative paradigm (it's easy). The challenge is in learning the LIBRARIES. LINQ (are we gonna call that a paradigm, really?), MVC, MVP, all that other alphabet soup that's the latest framework. XML, XSLT, yada yada.

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