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Comment Re:Who said it was anti-technology? (Score 1) 870

It was in many ways "A Man Called Horse"

I loved the move but the plot has been done to death.
My wife pointed out it was that it was a typical romance novel as well as a typical 70s western.
The Romance novel was "man pretends to be something else, man falls in love with woman why pretending to be something that he is not, woman finds out and gets mad, man becomes what he pretended to be and they live happily ever after."
Also you the Western theme of white man falls in love with chief's daughter.
So yea the plot is your typical white man's guilt vs the noble savage.

As to it being a retelling of the story of Native Americans? Not in any but the only most superficial kindergarten way.
The variability within the tribes means that there isn't really one Native American story at all. The myth of the noble savage is just that a myth. Some tribes where every bit as nasty as the worst of the white men of the time. Many of the tribes had no problem with rape and slavery as methods of control and domination and some used theft as way of life. They had not trouble take what they wanted from other tribes by force. Their culture was totally at odds with what we consider right. Other tribes where much closer to the ideal you see in the movies.

Back to why do we like this movie? It is a good movie and a good work of fiction so why not like it. If you want deep meaning from a movie or if you find deep meaning from a movie you really need to stop going to movies and pick up a good ten or twenty good books instead. Movies are a few hour emotional quick trip and not the path to enlightenment. Even the best of them like Schindler's list are not that deep when you think about. How deep is the concept that actively saving innocent people's lives even at the risk of your own is a good thing?

Comment Re:Expensive (Score 1) 118

Not really. They are too expensive for power production.
Because they are on ships and subs they are very hard to refuel so they use a totaly differn't fuel cycle.
From what I have "read" most us navy reactors use enriched uranium for fuel combined with burnable poisons. As the fuel gets used up so do the poisons so the power output stays about the same for the life of the core which is supposed to be greater than 20 years. For power reactors it is much easier to refuel so there is no need for the expensive and specialized fuel that is used in a navy reactor.

Comment Re:Expensive (Score 1) 118

Well the rate of construction was always pretty low and they where still trying out new ideas all the time. Even conventional plants tended to be one offs at that time.
You are right though when the number of reactors built is high. The Navy did exactly that with subs.
All of the Skipjack, Permit, Sturgeon, George Washington, Ethan Allen, and Lafayette class subs use the same reactor design. There was a a few one offs in that time to try new ideas but the vast majority where standardized reactors. The Navy then went with two reactors one for attack subs and a different one for SSBNs.
I will make on correction to your statment. that is why Nuke Plants where so expensive. The new nuke plants are being planed to use a standardized family for reactors.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 272

So a typical day on slashdot?
Wow 270 million. Or on tenth of the coffee budget of Microsoft I wonder if Microsoft will just pay them off and buy the patent and then use it to attack others.
If I was Microsoft and lost my faith that I had a soul that is what I would do.

Comment Re:Not 2017, but by 2023... (Score 1) 427

Running as a socialist in the US makes you a fringe whack job.
Libertarian... The way people behave on slashdot shows that Libertarian's ideas will not work.
Actually I am annoyed just how many people confuse capitalism with democracy in the US. It is possible to have a democratic socialist system. I don't think that a pure socialist system could ever work well in the US but they can and in other countries and they are pretty free as far as rights go.

Comment Re:Not 2017, but by 2023... (Score 1) 427

The problem is that none of the other parties are really anything but fringe whack jobs. The only ones that where not totally out there where Nader and Perot and I am being generous with that statment. Of course we did have one president from a "third" party with a pretty radical agenda. They where trying to completely change race relations in the US. It was a reall mess when they one but in the long run it was for the best.

Comment Re:What did you expect? (Score 1) 427

You think so?
Your copyright laws last just as long and where passed several years before they where in the US.
Also how do you feel about your country protecting and refusing to extradite a confessed and convinced child rapist that jumped bail for what 20 plus years?
How about the Rainbow Warrior?
Or the Three strikes and you are kicked off the Internet law?
please the only statment I can agree with the one about being pretentious.

Comment Re:Okay, I'll be the one to say it... (Score 1) 416

I wouldn't say that CAD or Video editing is niche programs. You can buy them at BestBuy at least TurboCad so I would say they are actually very common.
Same with Photoshop.
It all depends on if you can get enough people with talent motivated to write the code. Closed source programs do this with money.
Closed source programing is a lot like venture capital. Somebody invests in the development up front with the hope that they will make the money back with a profit.
The customers pay for a finished product that does what they need it to do.
With open source the companies "could" pay less but take a higher risk that they might never get the product they are paying for.
Closed source is nothing but a way to spread the cost of development over all the users.
My prediction is that for some areas the skill level required to user base is too small to support the FOSS model. CAD/CAM is a great example of that market. It seems that Video Editing is another but that may change.

Comment Re:Innovation! (Score 1) 525

Yes they are but cross plane cranks are not a kluge.
The cross plane reduces vibration and makes it easier to fit a tuned exhaust on any thing but a single seater.
The flat plane gives you a lighter crank and it is easier to make. It will be rev easier but lets be honest most road going V-8s will be turn under 5000 RPM most of the time "probably under 3000" and most will have a red line under 7000 RPM. So for those motors a 90 degree cranks better balance is a better choice.

Comment Re:Innovation! (Score 1) 525

Have you ever heard of the Cosworth DFV?
The Esprit V8 was a a good case of not having the money to build a proper crank. That really was two I4s made into a V8 just like the Nova.
I didn't know that the 308 used a flat crank but the only Ferrari's that really interested me where the 12s and the Dino's which where not really Ferrari's but where still very interesting. So yes I missed that they where a flat crank V8s.

Comment Re:What did you expect? (Score 1) 427

The copyright law was extended because of pressure from Europe. It was Victor Hugo that really pushed for it.
You guys have the three strikes and banned from the internet laws going in effect.
And I will not go into how a country in Europe refused to extradite a rich man that was a confessed child rapist.
Maybe you should take a closer look at your own laws before you get too smug.
Oh and the restrictions on video games and freedom of political speech as well.

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