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Comment Re:trump won according to law (Score 5, Informative) 366

You keep telling yourself that.

But Hillary's lack of being crowned as she demanded and expected was just the latest in a series of events that cost the Democrats nearly a thousand legislative seats, both houses of congress, most of the governorships, and millions of two-time Obama voters who were disgusted by Clinton/DNC overt behavior, never mind reading their obnoxious internal communications. Comey didn't cause Hillary to call millions of the people over whom she wanted to preside irredeemably deplorable racists. Neither Comey nor the Russians used mind control rays to cause Hillary to somehow forget to even set foot in Wisconsin to try to tell the people there something vaguely coherent about why she and her husband should once again get the executive power they craved and with which they enriched themselves.

But please, keep blaming it all on everything except the Democrats' years of snark, sneering condescension and their hatred for the people in flyover country ... you know, the ones who denied her the electoral college.

Comment Re:Rioters, not protesters. (Score 3, Insightful) 366

They crossed the line when they decided to riot.

That almost sounds like something that a protest turned into. No. These clowns planned violence for months - it was their purpose in gathering together. It's a shame that some of their idiotic fellow protesters either were or pretended to be so dumb that they were standing around in the middle of a bunch of them and got caught up. But since the rioters were broadcasting their intentions well in advance, and were dancing around with black masks on smashing stuff ... well, too bad if you hang out with those tools.

Comment Re:Convict these people for breaking windows! (Score 2, Informative) 366

If by "breaking windows" you mean things like "trashing a poor guy's car, the thing he uses to make a living" and whatnot, yeah, convict. Especially since they planned, in advance, to commit violence and then did it. Unlike your Russia delusion, these people actually DID commit crimes, and got caught doing it, violently, on video.

Comment Re:consumer-grade encryption is that (Score 4, Insightful) 366

consumer-grade encryption is that upon which one cannot rely

No, it's having violent tantrums as lefty social currency and expecting that since it's put up with in places like Berkeley that it'll all be just fine, since one got that rockin' balaclava shipped Prime from Amazon ... upon which one cannot rely.

Comment Transgender is the solution (Score 1) 848

The female Marines just didn't have the physical performance capabilities of the males

Aha, but they do when all the female marines are all actually men!

The correct solution Trump should have imposed that would have left the liberal community in angry silence is to require all women in the military service to be transgender men.

Comment Re: If I use this... (Score 1) 137

I see. So what you're saying is that the appearance of a huge cash quid pro quo from the Russians directly into the Clintons' personal bank account while she's serving as Secretary of State and in charge of things like the granting of giant give-aways to the Russian government ... the appearance of that happening literally hours apart, it nothing to worry about. But the appearance of something utterly meaningless and without any follow up or cash payment if it's someone you disapprove of politically, well, that's HORRIBLE! CNN must spend every waking hour pretending they're not hypocrites and ranting about it and simply fabricating things because appearances are crimes. Unless you're the candidate they preferred, in which case no appearance or act is ever bad.

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