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Comment Re:Hail trump!!!! USA USA USA!!!! (Score 1) 384

Who cares where manufacturing happens except the manufacturers?

People who work in manufacturing. People who invest in manufacturers. People who care about trade deficits.

Are we going to impose the same 30% tariff on imported coal-mining equipment?

That might be a good thing for the American heavy equipment manufacturers. It would encourage Caterpillar to make more equipment to be sold in the American market, in America.


Comment Re:Net Neutrality (Score 1) 227

I don't see what a content provider restricting access to their own content has to do with Net Neutrality.

Every argument you can make for forcing ISPs to not discriminate traffic, can also be repeated, verbatim, for forcing content-providers to not discriminate accessing devices.

Thus, every such argument is either right or wrong at the same time. Google are supporting "net neutrality" — their not applying the same principles to themselves is hypocrisy.

Comment Re:What about decreasing? (Score 1) 193

I worked with a guy who put his foot through his TV when his football team lost (and refused to go to his daughter's wedding because she planned it on a Sunday "on purpose" to interfere with his game day). I actually think there are too many people like this, although "too many" means "more than zero." I also would mention the shit that happens in soccer stadiums around the world.

Comment Re:Social Science = Junk Science (Score 2) 193

Is it? Just because the narrative that violent video games causes violence didn't turn out to fit reality, that doesn't mean that violent video games doesn't affect behavior. Granted, it's not just video games, but violence in media, including video games, may beget violence, but desensitizes people to it. That can affect behavior in ways they aren't looking at, like how one reacts to certain news stories - like how one reacts to stories (either way) violence happening throughout the world, which affects how you might donate time or money, or whether you support your government's reaction (or lack thereof) to it, or what you do when your neighbor is beating their spouse or kids.

Comment Re:Why should JPEG be replaced? (Score 1) 258

gif was very well entrenched before Compuserve or its heir(I don't remember who offhand) started to push back on the licensing issue.

If they had tried from the beginning, it wouldn't have been nearly as widespread.

Still, I agree. Patent encumberment is the least of the issues. For the vast majority of uses and users, JPEG is still "good enough" and there's no pressing need for an improvement.


Comment The headline could also be... (Score 4, Insightful) 126

"Autopilot saves drunk drivers' life". Assuming he would have driven either way (drunks usually do), if he hadn't had autopilot on when he passed out, the car wouldn't have driven for a few minutes on its own, then pulled slowly to a stop and put the blinkers on. He would just have crashed. Possibly into another car.

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