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Comment Multiverses (Score 0) 720

Personally, I have found plenty of evidence that this scientist may indeed live in a universe where there's only one version of Earth, but this scientist's universe is but one of infinite potential universes in a multiverse.

Science is becoming like religion to a certain degree. My definition of an alternate reality fits what is referred to as video games, and since I play in numerous alternate realities and universes, it's difficult 'proving' this and that my universe versus yours may not be one and the same.

So to this scientist. Maybe he's right. Maybe there's only one version of earth in his universe!

Doesn't mean he's in my universe.

Comment Re:*yawn* (Score 0) 99

To you. Most people I know (here in Hollywood) openly mock it.

Way too many countries manipulating the information on the internet, and with so many countries and individuals with capabilities to hack what once could have been considered otherwise credible sources to their own end, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to instead explore the world around you firsthand and figure out your own truths rather than waiting for *cough cough bs* 'credible' *cough cough* sources to tell you what it is.

Comment *yawn* (Score -1) 99

Most Americans no longer regard the internet as a reliable source of information and news, and largely regard it as nothing more than another source of entertainment.

Since yet another meteor strike is about as entertaining as watching paint dry, you can hear the collective response by Americans worldwide if you listen carefully...


Comment Re:Marketing Skew (Score 0) 197

I leverage public access wireless connections regularly and have run without a firewall and virus protection for about five years.

In that time, I've been hacked numerous times, which I invite people to do, as long as you don't harm me or my data and most people don't.

Twice I've been hacked maliciously, one time slowing my machine to a crawl and another time loading something up on my machine I wasn't wanting.... I backtraced him and overwrote his MBR after delivering a nice little message and then reset his router with a special ROM flash that would make life fun for him from that point on...

My point is: Quit selling fear. Quit nitpicking people's speech patterns like a child. And quit labeling people who don't conform to your myopic worldview fools and morons. The world is full of crooks and thieves if you yourself are a crook and thief seeking external validation for what you do.

In any case, quit projecting. You do know what projecting is, don't you?

Security is only an issue if you don't know your own systems.

In today's day and age. Many do, much better than the so called experts such as yourself who advocate nothing other than being a childish insulting infant who was picked on too much as a child with a chip on his or her shoulder the size of Gibraltar.

Comment Marketing Skew (Score 0) 197

Avast has a problem. They apparently do not understand that their business model - to sell people protection - skews their perspective - that people should fear hacking and theft of information - and leads them to believe that people need them to protect them and the protection they offer.

It's a common problem companies have, and starts at the top - the US Government believes it needs to protect those outside it's borders because surely they cannot defend themselves and accordingly, they find evidence to support it.

Protection and mafia style businesses selling protection have a tendency to perpetuate themselves.

And go and set up what they think are "traps" to teach consumers just how dumb they are.

And how much they need Avast to help them for protection.

The Mafia has had this same method of operation for a number of years.

The funny thing being, the mafia was protecting those who paid from the mafia themselves who would beat you up if you quit paying them.

I wonder how many people believe the marketing crap these companies are trying to sell?

Comment LOL. Even Hollywood gets this! (Score 0) 146

Did none of you watch the original Superman (1978)?

And to quote Marlon Brando:

"Each of the six galaxies which you will pass through contain their own individual laws of space and time. "

Um. hello. McFly (to quote another Hollywood movie which gave another hint about relativity) .

e=mc^2 and Einstein's relativity is but one of the galaxies.

This announcement isn't breaking diddly squat. It's expanding your universe.

Sure. It may be fiction.... ... or is it ;-)

Comment Questionable (Score 0) 162

When robots who refer to themselves as scientists study something they do not understand, they project their own limitations and mathematical/statistical and probability framework on that which they study.

Sure, a robot stands a great potential at taking orders like a robot.

But does a human take orders like a robot?

Not always. Look for evidence to the contrary and you'll find it.

Comment I think this is a great idea (Score 0) 307

Personally, I think this is a great idea. So much so, I think it behooves most governments who can afford it on this planet to actually spend money developing their own Operating System based on their own cultural norms, rules, and values.

Not always easy. But not a bad idea to encourage the development of the cultural mindset of the government down a different path through the use of a tool everyone will use.

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