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Comment Re:Like Latin... (Score 1) 343

That is simply not true. A lot of OO was there for the picking.
Object based programming, for example, was visible in Xt and Xaw. There is not much difference between object method and QtCall(widget, ...).
Polymorphism was present even in early Unix in filesystem object being used for everything possible to quicksort in C.

Good programmers were using those techniques. Average programmers were unfamiliar with those techniques. Like RAII in the 90s.

The OO revolution was in large part taking those techniques and replacing the clunky software tools, like structs and function pointers in C with more developed tools like classes in C++. That's why there was great deal of interest in things like Flavors.

Comment No more then Ruby. (Score 1) 343

The whole thing sounds and feels great, until you realize that thousands of two and three line methods and no methods larger then 20 lines is not that great.

Plus the tools, like for example, editors, grep, etc. all have to be written from scratch thus lag behind common tools. Though other languages are ( stupidly ) going the same way.

Something like RUby which draws a lot of ideas from Smalltalk works better.

Comment Re:IL had free rides to all senior citizens 2008-2 (Score 1) 239

To be clear about exactly what happened.

In 2007~2008 the CTA was having financial difficulties. The Illinois legislature made a deal to bailout the CTA from some financial difficulties.

At the last minute Governor Blago, who is now in jail for trying to sell a Senate set, thew in an additional condition: free rides on all Il public transportation for handicapped and seniors.

It really pissed the legislature off because they had to redo the whole budget, but it got passed. He looked like a hero to seniors and the handicapped.

Eventually he got inmpeached and the new Gov discovered that free rides were not sustainable. So they means tested it.

Keep in mind though, that a largbe part of the cost is due to pensions for Chicago machine "cronies".

Comment Re:Change the law (Score 1) 1430

Right! And also, it's bizarre how electors of a state, say ID, are supposed to turn against the voters of their state and vote for Hilary just b'cos CA has given stolen for Hilary a margin that erases Trump's margin in the rest of the country. If they wanna do that, increase CA's #electoral votes in future elections.


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