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Comment Re:I see what's coming. (Score 1) 101

Lawnchair larry did his most notable work in California. this judge presides over a Canadian Court under Candian Law and has to rule on Canadian jurisprudence, and not American folklore.

Hence the statement it's 'unprecedented", as in there has likely been no comparable case before a Canadian court.

Comment Re:Bios settings (Score 1) 140

for OSX you can remove IO80211Family.kext from /System/Library/Extensions to stop the wifi drivers from loading.

However, Typically i'd just go into system preferences and remove the wifi interface from the network settings. OSX will make no attempt to land there if it doesn't have a network interface.

Comment Re:Clearly (Score 3, Interesting) 194

it's already happened. China, Germany and Japan already have more solar generation capacity than USA. China, Canada, Brazil have more hydroelectric installed capacity and production than USA. China also has surpassed USA for installed wind generation capacity.

with regards to the actual R&D, German companies can take credit for industry standard wind turbine, PV, and inverter technology.

It would be nice for a change....

Let us know when you are willing to make a change.

Comment strange new world of marketing (Score 1) 75

Basically Tostitos has an interesting viral marketing campaign happening during the superbowl. since Tostitos purchases are likely to peak at televised events like superbowl, a novelty, subvertizeing has been inserted into people's snacks. they're betting people will pick a bag up for snacks and not immediately throw it into the trash, but keep it around the house until at least a few beers are consumed. I think that's a deviously clever way of keeping even the bag branding intact in someone's house during the big game. during and aftewards we'll get superbowl related social media photos etc. with how drunk people made their bags.

lots of comments are already devoted to making fun with how useless it is, or how drunk you have to be before you blow into a bag. However, when things don't make sense sense, they usually make marketing sense, and i think Tostitos has thoughtfully put together a marketing campaign that would reach more people than paying for some overpriced superbowl ad.

Comment in the same boat (Score 2) 313

why don't you Make Your Macbook Pro Again?

I am in the same boat; i use OSX and have been looking for a replacement for my 2011 MBP. I think this is the closest i'll come to getting an upgrade without switching to a windows platform. still having a hard time with soldered ram and ssds though. maybe apple will come to their senses in the near future, and think about prioritizing function over form in the future.

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