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Comment What's with... (Score 1) 314

People having the convince of TV shows on their iphone/andoid/(Slashdot forbid)Windows Phone/ipad/whatever. Wouldn't that be better? To have the primetime shows on a streaming service/light DRM-Download service? You'd have less piracy since it would be convenient. But I guess all these big corporations have not seen the light of the modern era. If it was on iTunes even, you'd get money from that as well, surprising isn't it.

Submission + - Full Speed DS Emulator for Android released ( 2

ChronoReverse writes: While ports of DS emulators have shown up for Android, they invariably have trouble running at full speed even on the latest hardware.

This has now changed as Exophase has released a new emulator capable of running DS games at full speeds even on relatively modest hardware while maintaining wide compatibility now available in the Play Store: DraStic

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