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Comment Yes to Money, but not as donation. (Score 0) 301

You could give 3k to me and I will publish a batch of the best 100 images under the creative commons license on Flickr. The images would be free to use for everybody. I can guarantee an audience in the millions. I can guarantee perfection and quality which you can see in advance. The problem is that you can not get your money to be marked as donation, because I am not an registered non-profit organization as same a many of the open source developers and contributors. Donating money is easy, getting it recognized as donation is harder. Contact epSos.de on Flickr with your money granting proposals and have fun !

Comment Re:Tin-foil... (Score 2) 163

To their defense, the Russian police actually does locate stolen phones. The German police does spy on us, but never gives us the location of our stolen or lost phones, because they say that it is not their job. In reality, all of the governments use this kind of surveillance tech, but only Russia is OK to provide it openly to the real people on the street. There are a lot of things that the RUSS government does very badly, but some they do much better then the hypocritical governments in the west. The govt. debt of example, they were strong enough to just default on it and move on in 1998. The EU is crippling itself over debt and is dragging millions into poverty over it. It is the same hypocrisy that let's them protect our privacy in public, but actually spy on us in private. I am very sure this phone locator tech will get abused, but at least they provide non-abuse services with it too, unlike the governments that do not even admit that they use such technology.

Comment Re:What if my name was Hitler (Score 1) 200

Your comment is more valid than you think. There are a few people who are named Hitler or Adolf in Germany. They are usually older. I have heard of one personally. They are usually immigrants from the former German exile communities from the eastern Europe and Kazakhstan. Due to different regulation and history, they were forced to keep their names. The Germans themselves managed to change their family names, if it was associated with Nazis in any way.

Submission + - Google is actively developing products against users of alternative browsers (google.com)

epSos-de writes: Google said: "Don't be evil". In reality they are actively discriminating against browsers that are not based on Google Chrome. Opera is repeatedly crippled in gMail. Google's Java Scripts are prohibiting Opera users from selecting and copying text in the Opera browser.

Opera did resolve the issue with every new release, but Google still keeps changing their code, so that users of Opera are not allowed to select and copy text, when they are using gMail. The first few times, it was suspicious, but now it is too obvious that Google is actively developing products that can not be used outside of the Google Chrome.

Comment Talking Snake (Score 1) 1121

The best argument against the GENESIS myth is the talking snake.

The story has devil in form of the talking snake. A lot of talking animals are also present in cartoons and are purely fake.

If, god was a being that created the humans, then how can devil be a shape-shifting being that can talk in a language of Adam and Eve that did not have their own language to learn in the first place.

Why would god want to teach them the language of gods, if he had prohibited them from eating the wisdom apple, so that they do not learn anything that the gods know. The genesis book contradicted itself in this, god has given knowledge before they even ate the apple and therefore he just behaved like a very spoiled child for throwing them out of the house for learning something new !

If the super intelligent creationist god does behave like a 9 year old child, than the whole story is rather fishy.

Comment Re:For the love of god, shut up about buttcoins! (Score 1) 124

You are mislead by the crazy people who were first to support bitcoin, look up the recent investors, who invested into bitcoin companies. Are you claiming them to be insane for having invested into similarly crazy ideas that did work out. Those VC people know money when they smell it. Have a second look at bitcoin, but do not look at it as money. Look at it as a very liquid kind of stock that you can pay with.
The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: The information inequality.

The information inequality is a basic concept in price building. The people who know the real value, get the best price. Others have to guess and are often tricked, because they have no information about the product or value or competition or alternatives, etc.

Comment Re:This is very true (Score 1) 617

It would have been better to ask the older employees to get paid less. Some of them would be willing to reduce their pay, if they get a guaranteed contract for 3 to 5 years. Manages are very dumb at thinking long term, becasue the invisible HR costs and employee loyalty is a very low advantage in their eyes. They are very wrong.

Comment Re:When the Billionaire makes a move... (Score 1, Interesting) 183

The Google CEO is aware of the coming inflation of the USD, which will plummet US stock, because the international investors will relocate the assets to other countries in case of an inflation. The inflation is needed to reduce the US debt. Or did you really think that the USA is going to create more money out of nothing. They will just make the debt less valuable and pay off with ease. He is actually behind schedule, becasue other super rich people already dumped the stocks from USA. China will demand payment very soon, so that the inflation is the only possible way of reducing the value of the debt in a quick way.
The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: Money is a great bubble of hour time.

Money is a great bubble of hour time.

I have looked at it 6 month after they started, but never believed that the early investors would convince enough people to invest into it. Yes, I do regret that I did not buy, but feel cleaner to stay out of the scam that will bring unequal money-access to the masses of people who never bothered to understand monetary dynamics.

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