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Comment Business failures are defined as creditor loss (Score 1) 159

What do you mean by "business failures"?

In economics, "business failures" is defined as discontinuation of operations resulting in losses to creditors. In other words, companies that went out of business AND couldn't pay their outstanding bills when they did. That's easier to measure than just "companies that stopped doing business" because the creditors report the loss, whereas a company that just stops may not report anything.

Which Obama's policy led to your loss?

I'd say it was 70% indirect, but I'll give a few examples of direct effects of his policies. We'll limit it to just health insurance policies to keep this from going on for 20 pages.
We've long had pretty good health insurance, which we were happy with. We paid 100% of the cost even for part time employees. In two years, as Obamacare is being phased in, the base premium increased by more than 50%. Total cost close to doubled, as I'll explain.
Also, half of our employees have a profit share, they each own a few percent of the company. Under Obama, the law was changed so that we had to report their insurance cost as taxable income on their W-2 AND the company could no longer deduct health insurance cost. (Under Obama everyone's insurance cost is deductible EXCEPT business owners', including 2% owners like our employees. Did I mention he's anti-business.) That penalty for making our employees owners increased cost another 30%, on top of the 50% premium increase. So that's one example, Obamacare nearly doubled our insurance cost.

Of course his policies were doing the same thing to our customers, doubling THEIR costs, leaving them with less money to by our products. Less sales + higher costs = we're out of business and te employees are jobless. That's the result of making policy based on feelings rather than actually thinking through the results.

Comment Battered wife syndrome. They won't do it again, re (Score 1) 227

Some Slashdot readers are like a certain type of abused spouse who keeps finding someone to abuse them, and actually believing that he won't do it again. Fool me once - shame on you, fool me twice - shame on me, get fooled for 30 years running - you're deliberately choosing to be an idiot.

Comment Awesome. I was wishing for that during the debates (Score 1) 149

That'll be great. Often, such as during the primaries while there are still 8 candidates, or when the two candidates are otherwise tied, I eliminate candidates based on relative honesty. I was wishing for a real-time politifact scroller. They all stretch the truth, of course, but some WAY more than others.

This, or later versions, could really be a boon to voters who aren't really interested in politics, so they often don't know an "obvious" lie when they hear it. For example, in some polls most Obama voters didn't recognize the name of the then-current vice president. How are they supposed to judge the veracity of a candidate's statements when they have no interest in, and little knowledge of, politics? (Not saying they are dumb, they just spend their time on things other than politics.)

I had envisioned some invited experts typing quick notes like "factually false" into a chat type system, but if a machine can be more objective, great.

Comment Not better or worse, just different things (Score 1) 146

Sure, most of the time I like small things, especially small, dedicated single purpose software that does one thing well. I watch all of my porn with mplayer. For the home entertainment system, though, scheduling TV recordings, etc., clicking a the menu an integrated suite is much nicer.

Comment Being first to market is a BIG advantage (Score 1) 259

the first guy to buy the patent would be a real sucker if the price went down.

As a business owner, I strongly disagree. Being the first to market with something cool is a huge advantage. If you're a tech geek, consider the early versions of Java. It was HORRIBLE. Because it was conceived, designed, implemented, "tested" and sent to market in about a year, it was perhaps the worst programming language ever. There's a reason they wanted it out in a year, though - to be the first browser app language available. Do you remember the competing languages that came out in the months to follow, between 1996 and 1999? Neither does anyone else. Java was first to market and that pretty much solidified their dominance for the next fifteen years. So buying the first license for say $50,000 would be much smarter than waiting a month and paying $49,000, sometimes.

Comment ROTFL "the private sector is doing fine". (Score 1) 159

Plenty of businesses are doing fine, so I suspect the problem is not with the taxes, but rather with you.

ROTFL. The private sector is doing fine, right? Even you President Kardashian couldn't say that with a straight face. When he tried to say it, he had to come back out and retract that statement, saying "It is absolutely clear that the economy is NOT doing fine."

I've been in business twenty years. (or 25 if you count part time businesses). I've launched four completely different companies. Our business, and thousands of others, was taken down when Obama launched his attack on business. We were fine under Reagan. We hired people under Bush I. We did fine with the fast and loose economy of Clinton. No problems under Bush II. (Though the last year of Bush II wasn't awesome.) If it was us, we wouldn't have been around that long. In the two years following Obama's election, business failures increased by 40%. 40% man. If you like Obama, fine. Maybe you like his smile. Maybe you think he smells nice, whatever. But don't lie to yourself - he's radically anti-business.

There's no bigger supporter of Obama than liberal journalist Fareed Zakaria. Zakaria is honest with himself, though, saying Obama is "at his core, anti-business."

Comment Maybe you can read the numbers if they are in colu (Score 1) 159

I have my own business and I pay nothing close to this 63% tax rate that you mention and I cannot imagine how you can even get there.

If you don't know how you end up paying AT LEAST 63% in taxes, this should be educational for you. I guess the numbers in my original post were hard to read because they were mixed with the prose. Maybe better formatting will help you. But first, let's agee on some averge rates to use in our example:

The first tax we'll consider, corporate income tax, ranges from about 24% to 44% in different places. For example, in California, USA, a medium sized business pays 35% federal, 8.84% state, plus local. In the UK, it's 24% income tax, but then also 20% VAT which compounds to about 35% total VAT.
We'll use a mid-range number - 30% corporate income tax.

Then that same money goes to you, the owner, and you pay tax on the same money again. 28% is the UK rate, and it's about the average of the several US rates.

Then when you spend that same money, you pay tax on it again. 12% if you spend it on gas/petrol, 27% if you use it to pay your mortgage. We'll use 18% as an average.

For every 100 dollars/euros/punds you earn:
100 earned
70 after corporate income tax
50 remains after owner's income tax
41 of goods can be purchased after paying "spending that income" tax. (Gas, property, or sales tax)

So you earned 100, and can buy 41 worth of stuff after taxes. You paid 59% taxes in this example. That doesn't even count the taxes you paid before calculating profit, like business personal property tax, etc.

Comment RTFA that's whole point, not more cubicle drones (Score 4, Insightful) 159

running whatever it is you're studying about (Exchange, Active Directory, etc).

RTFA. The point of the thing is that the young generation knows how to RUN software, but who is going to design quantum CPUs in 2030, or invent the next revolution like the Internet? You don't learn to build new technologies by practicing being an MS cubicle drone running Exchange.

Hell, with the prodicts you mentioned you're not even ALLOWED to try to figure out how they work. That's called reverse engineering and it's against the license. The whole point of the Pi is to first learn how things work, then use that knowledge to build entirely new and better things.

Comment $4,100,000,000 taxes paid last year, 50% of profit (Score -1, Troll) 159

About half of Google's profit goes to income taxes, 62% to taxes in general. Last year, Google Inc. paid about $2,600,000,000 in income taxes on their profit. Then when those same profits went to the owners (stockholders), the stockholders paid another $1,500,000 in taxes on that same money. So about half the profit goes to income taxes. It doesn't stop there, of course. A stockholder who had a $1,000 share of the profit gets $500 after income taxes and they then use that money to buy gas, for example. If they buy gas, they pay another 12% gas tax, so they only get 88 cents worth of gas for every $2 originally earned. Maybe they paid their mortgage with the money. Property tax is about 27% of the mortgage payment on a house, so for every $100 in earnings, they can pay $37 of mortgage. The other $63 goes to taxes. I guess you think a total tax rate of 63% is too low. Here's the deal. I've invested time and money to open businesses and hire people for the last twenty years. To open a business, I have to invest (risk) money for an office, equipment, salaries for the first three-six months, marketing, etc. I risked that money hiring people to develop something in hopes of making a profit. Do you think I'm going to put my life savings at risk in hopes of getting 37% of the profit, if there is any, while paying 63% to Washington bureaucrats? How about when it's almost guaranteed I can't make a profit because Obama says we have to get the insurance that covers aromatherapy and crap, at a cost of $800 / month per employee? Hell no. I'm in the process of shutting down my businesses. That's what the current 63% total tax rate gets you - businesses shut down, people out of work. See also "California".

Comment Lying to yourself (Score 2) 70

Ill stick with microsoft products since they work the best and provide the best security, because I know what I am doing. If you have security issues with MS products then its because you are a retard or lazy or just dont know how to use them in which case youre at a security risk no matter what product you use.

You like Microsoft. Cool, that's your prerogative. Lying to yourself can cost you, though.
I've been doing security full time for sixteen years. You'll find my name on CVEs where I've found flaws to instantly take out wikipedia and other top tier sites. That pretty much puts me at opposite end from "retard" when it comes to network security. When DHS and I tell you Microsoft products are full of giant security holes, we know what we're talking about. Pretending otherwise and getting the least bit sloppy while running IE will get you owned

. Example - Java exploit in Chrome on Linux could crash a browser tab. The same exploit in IE lets me install a rootkit because IE is integrated with the system shell.

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