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Comment Turn off notifications (Score 1) 265

long time ago in a PC now far away I once installed Black Ice...... for a few days I was overwhelmed by the amount of attacks I was seeing. It can give you sleepless nights but thats exactly what the software seller wants you to see, background noise raised up to make you think it is a serious threat. Treat it as a mataphore for everything else you percieve as a threat and move on. Lock your front door, put your wallet and phone safely in your pocket and get on with your life. Oh, and don't forget to line your hat with foil....SHINY SIDE OUT.

Comment Impetric (Score 1) 942

Until they make tape measures in the UK DIY Stores that only read in metric I will continue to use "Impetric" for whatever D.I.Y job I am tackling. If it is small and to a high degree of accuracy I tend to use mm but if its something like popping together a garden shed I tend to use feet and inches and then mm for the last bit. "The door frame needs to be 6 feet and 40mm, works for me as all of the measures here have both on them.

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