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Comment It's not just about teaching (Score 2) 105

being a teacher is fucking hard work. I know teachers and they put in 10-12 hour days. Those lesson plans don't write themselves. Even if your handed one you need to adapt it to the realities of your class. And those papers don't grade themselves. And summers off? Bullshit. The higher up teachers are busy getting more education and certs to try and get a raise so they can keep pace with inflation. The lower tier ones are working jobs over the summer to make ends meet. There's a few bums that take summers off but they're also the kinds of teachers that have high schoolers coloring in maps instead of learning.

Being a real teacher is fucking hard and it pays like shit. Good teachers do it because they like doing it, not because it's easy.

Comment What's not to understand (Score 3, Insightful) 105

Cheap tech workers brought here on H1-B visas are massively driving down wages in the tech sector. Yes, they're mostly Indian, but it would be the same thing if they were Chinese, African, or whatever nationality. They're only supposed to be brought here for jobs there are no Americans for, but I've seen numerous companies post adverts for H1-Bs specifically.

Given this trend I discouraged my kid from studying IT and encouraged them to go into medicine. This is a better route for them because the medical industry has a workers advocacy group (The American Medical Association) that functions as a Union and lobbies for policies that help keep their wages high.

Now, if my kid was a natural mathematical genius this wouldn't be an issue. But then my kid wouldn't really be going into IT, it'd really be a Math job that happens to use computers as tools to do the math. But that's a moot point. My kid isn't a math wiz and would have had to work really, really hard to make it in IT. So I encourage my kid to put that effort into something that's going to be more stable and pay better in the long run.

I've never understood why it is that when the rich do things in their economic best interests it's smart business but if the working class do it they're being petty, racists or nationalistic. I mean, I know why it happens (ruling elite own the media and they're pushing an anti-worker, pro-corporate right wing agenda) but I don't know why the working class falls for it so much. My grandpappy knew when he was getting screwed by his boss and he and his Union didn't take that shit.

Comment Said it before and I'll say it again (Score 4, Interesting) 105

bring back the jobs and us parents will bring back our kids. End the H1-B program for a start and we'll talk. Until then all my kids are going into medical. Not that they're not trying to bring in cheap labor there too, but the Doctor's Union (aka the AMA, yes, it's a Union) knows better than too allow too much of that crap.

Comment All you have to do is get past launch window (Score 1) 112

and yeah, Denuvo isn't doing that right now. I'm pretty sure Ubisoft's system is though. Their solution is to download the game in chunks as you get futher along. It's also why their games are often barely playable at launch. It works, and the 'barely playable' part doesn't seem to hurt sales. Me? I won't buy an Ubisoft game until 6 months after launch. I did that before I knew about their DRM scheme too. It had nothing to do with principle, I just knew too many people who couldn't play the game until months after launch. Now I know why. But like I said, the impact on sales is negligible.

Comment Having worked blue collar jobs (Score 1) 160

I'd be genuinely shocked if you couldn't find some examples of LGBTQ and racial harassment at Tesla, especially if they didn't already have strong controls in place to deal with it. It just sorta comes with the territory. Heck, in small non-corporate shops where there's no women (think small help desks) the stuff that goes on would get you fired in any major corporation on the planet.

Thing is, some of this stuff is probably the sort of thing you can laugh off if you're not LGBTQ. But imagine you spent your entire childhood getting the shit kicked out of you because you were a little on the effeminate side or got kicked out by your parents because you're a bit too 'tom boyish'. Or heck, if you're black and come from the South jokes about lynching aren't just in poor taste they're terrifying because, well, you might have actually feared being lynched enough not to know when somebody's joking.

What I'm saying is America is a _hell_ of a lot more fucked up than most of us on /. realize. Even if you're not a snowflake you should still be wary of flame throwers.

Comment I'm more worried about H1-Bs (Score 2) 284

without the constant influx of cheap labor from overseas they couldn't indulge in ageism.

Something else I notice that bothers me too though, the old guys at my place are usually fervently right wing, anti-government regulation and anti-Union except for this one thing. In this one thing they want the government to step on and protect workers rights. As someone that got screwed over a lot when he was young (right two work state and all that) that hypocrisy really pisses me off.

Comment I like JavaScript (Score 1) 188

I like going to Newegg and browsing through the specials in an image carousel. I like clicking 'reply' on slashdot and getting a box to reply in. I like thumbnail previews. I like menus I can browse without reloading an whole page. I like web mail that feels like a mail client. Heck, I like a responsive and modern web.

If you don't go run Lynx in X11. The rest of us will carry on living in 2017 and even 2018 when it comes along.

Comment Not necessarily (Score 1) 178

Human population is stabilizing. If anything it's declining in the developed world with birth rates around 1.8 per couple. Overpopulation turned out not to be a thing.

As the population declines the strain on the planet combined with our need to get resources out of it will drop. The only question is if we can keep this trend up. To be honest, it comes down to whether we can mellow our religion. That's the main driving force to increase population and oppose birth control. Specifically the notion that God made the earth for us to exploit and so there won't be any consequences if we do so. That and most religion's concepts around 'fornication' and birth control.

Mellow out religious zealots and you'll gradually see a developed world where the only real problem will be under population. I'm not sure if that'll happen or not. On the one hand we've had a resurgence in America as our right wing leans heavily on religion to get voters to the polls but on the other hand statistics show that mellowing out is happening. I'll be dead before it's a problem though.

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