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Comment This is kinda what I was wondering (Score 1) 113

I'm wondering if we're gonna have to have a major airline accident over a population center from some kid's $500 drone before somebody takes action. Or am I just completely off base here? I don't know enough about aviation to say for sure and the articles I've read don't really touch on the issue. Most of the news outlets seem to have sided with the hobbyists over the FAA here.

Comment The existing ones are long since out of patent (Score 1) 319

and existed before the complex games companies play to keep things in patent control.

And yes, they were massively funding research. Not into new antibiotics, because that's a fairly recent issue (last 20 years tops). But the cancer drugs that kept my kid alive were invented by the government (or Europe, research into childhood diseases isn't profitable enough to do it here in the States and, well, aforementioned tax cuts).

Comment I agree they're terrifying (Score 1) 319

but not for the reasons you're probably thinking. Those words weren't uttered by a government agent (one of those paid for my kid's cancer treatments and the research that made those treatments possible). They come from a right wing think tank. They were engineered to make the working class turn on each other and on the primary source of organized power they possess: Democracy.

Worked too.

Comment Profit (Score 2, Insightful) 319

new antibiotics aren't going to be profitable. For one thing the drug companies make plenty on the existing ones. For another they're too essential for life, so they're prone to price controls. We could make them profitable enough but only by allowing business practices similar to what Epipen's Pharma Bro did.

This is what "Austerity" and rampant non-stop tax cuts gets you. This is something the government needs to step in and do. The days of one bright guy with a petri dish making a major breakthrough are gone. It takes hundreds of years for that guy to get lucky and strike gold. In the meantime we've got millions dying. Said it before, say it again: For anything more important than a twinkie you need an organized response, i.e. the government.

Comment I don't think it matters (Score 1) 213

you don't need that many experienced people to keep an eye on the young'uns. Older people just can't work as hard, and like it or not age related cognitive decline is real.

Instead of trying to come up with excuses why older employees should work into their 60s+ we should be figuring out what to do with people as their productivity declines. That's a touchy subject though because the only real solution is income redistribution and nobody likes that...

Comment You can get away with it if you know where to look (Score 1) 477

there's bits and pieces of road way everywhere the cops don't watch. I talked to a guy recently who rented a Mazarti for his birthday and had it up to top speed. The gearheads keep track of blind spots in the cops radar and share the info. Now, I suppose that's ridiculously dangerous for us non-gear heads if we happen to be on the road with them, but it is what it is.

Comment There's parks (Score 1) 103

if you don't live in Detroit. If you live in a poor neighborhood they're not that green and there's drug dealers around. But besides that you're looking at travel. That means gas and a reliable car that can get you to and fro. Me? I've been stuck with a beater for years since everytime I get some money saved something blows up in my face. It's all I can do to stay out of debt. And I live a pretty modest life (no drink, no smokes, aforementioned beater car, don't eat out much, wear cheap cloths) and I make a lot more than the median. But my rent alone is 30% of my income (again, not that nice a place in not that nice a city).

Face it, income inequality is catching up with America. It's never been far behind. The difference is we have cheap electronics & telecom so we can see it coming and pretend it doesn't exist. That might or might not be an improvement on the days when we just didn't know about it.

Comment 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck (Score 4, Insightful) 103

It's about all I can afford. I'm not going to do any travel. I can't afford it. I could wander around the neighborhood or go to a park I suppose, but the kid's a bit old for that. A trip down to one of the lakes burns gas and puts miles on my old car. So yeah, "staycation" it is.

Comment They voted for their Jobs (Score 1) 420

and their health care. Trump ran a populist campaign with big promises for people kicked out of the middle class by globalism. If you're an ex-auto worker in Detroit or a laid off coal miner in Ohio you don't give a flying fark about Net Neutrality. You're making $9/hr at Walmart and/or McDonald's. You want you're $30/hr Union job back, and Trump promised that.

Hilary ignored the swing states at her peril. She only shifted left when it was clear Bernie would win if she didn't. She's was always a terrible candidate that the corporate Dems shoved down our throats. These people aren't dumb or superstitious, they're being actively ignored. This is what happens when you abandon a large percentage of your population to poverty and dismiss there concerns as stupidity. Bernie didn't do that. The "Justice Democrats" (google it) aren't. If the rest of us keep doing it we're gonna be a third world hell hole in 20 years as those folks drag us down trying to find a solution in a world that's leaving them behind.

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