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Submission + - The hidden $70 charge from ebay to UPS

Causalien writes: ""I held my breath in excitement as I sniped an old SLR camera for $150 off ebay."

The deal seems to be too sweet, but everything checks out ok after I triple checked all possible fees and custom charges. It's a used item so I shouldn't have to pay tax. Shipping by UPS os $12.95 and custom fees for items between 100 and 200 should be less than $30. Adding some shipping and handling that the shipper might charge, I shouldn't expect anything more than a $30 surprise charge.


On an item valued at $150, I received a $69.88 COD charge from UPS. I expected something, but never this, not at almost 50% of the original item's price. Credit card companies rip you off less than at a 30% card interest rate. Upon calling and asking about how this fee got there, I was informed that it was due to certain customs document that wasn't filled out which UPS did for me. It's called the custom broker's fee.

It's a little service provided by UPS that speeds up the process of passing through the customs. Which most likely involves someone stamping certain document at 60 times an hour. I asked them why I wasn't informed of this charge and all they can do is apologize leaving me to slowly realize that the charge still holds. There's nothing, that informs people of this. On their website, it only says a possibility of $25 to bring something into customs. Nowhere does it mention the extra $40.

I am sure that there are others who rely on ebay to get anything decent technology wise and have had this done to them. What are some of the way to get around this charge? Is it even legal? I mean, if I am missing some documentation at the customs, wouldn't it be better for everyone to just call me up and have me provide it instead of slapping me with a $70 fine? This has tarnished UPS's image for me and officially established them as a company with a sneaky shady practice."

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