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Comment Re:Illegal Patents (Score 1) 175

I believe the poster was supporting the idea that software patents are a bad idea. If the sorting algorithms had been patented things would suck.
Since patenting of software didn't occur until after many of them had been written, they remain unpatented and this is a good thing.

Reading comprehension is hard.

Comment Re:This is why... (Score 2) 413

I've been practicing ways to make my fellow cyclists pay more attention to their dick behaviour.

My most recent attempt is to yell "confirmation bias" whenever I see one of us doing something like ignoring a stop sign or blowing a light. The idea is that, when they come back (and normally get aggressive thinking I was cussing them out) I explain that every dick move they make makes all of us look bad.

That leads me to you drivers: you see those of us who cut you off and blow the light. You see the ones who split the lane and haul ass to the light so they can be first out the gate when it changes. You don't see most of us who are being cautious because, in our caution, we're staying the fuck out of your way. Trust me: we exist.

I hope this driver is found and has to answer for what they did. I hope more of us cyclists start caring about how being killed in traffic affects us all.

Comment Re:The best part of the article is at the bottom (Score 1) 555

The idea of giving money to another person for the sake of receiving some sort of benefit or consideration is as old as the hills. If we're going to outlaw some forms of it but not all, things get sticky. It gets worse when we rename the exceptions so as to obfuscate their intent. Lobbying is just giving someone something in exchange for them giving you some additional consideration in their decision making process.
I bet if I "lobbied" the police department in my town so as to have them decide not to ticket me the next time I was late for work I'd be accused of bribery. If I "lobby" a politician so that they make decisions that benefit me it's not? I fail to see the difference.

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