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Journal Journal: Twice the Excitement

Since last I journalled here, I have survived another bout with cancer (this time osteosarcoma, see my homepage in the cancer section for the long story). This time I come away permanently disabled (my ulna nerve in the left arm is pretty much useless leaving me with absolutely no sensation in my left pinky, half my left ring finger, the top of my forearm, most of the top of my hand and a portion of my palm) with a metal plate (titanium or surgical steel, I forget right now and am too lazy to

Comment Re: I'm not sorry. (Score -1) 452

I was thinking of a small camera capable of looking into several wave-lengths and/or use as a telescope/microscope (understanding it would have very limited magnification powers), bug-eyed multi-optics would be pretty dang cool and I'd take that option as well.

I'm willing to carry a back-pack. (; Though range-finding, targeting and other, non-weaponized uses would be just as agreeable (though I imagine targeting would be a weaponized use).

Comment Definitely a Fine Line (Score -1) 452

There is definitely a fine line between utility and racism in this case. How does one overcome cries of racism while still maintaining accurate data? One could of course discount race from the algorithms but I imagine having a user rate a neighborhood as 'safe' or 'not safe' or even 'dangerous' does from a technical point. Of course, the wetware inserting the rating could be using race as a reason for the rating.

Comment Re:brave new world (Score -1) 161

Government boundaries? This is the same government that continuously gives the Constitution the finger with all the new exceptions to laws that congress critters pass for themselves, with all the new powers they grant for themselves, etc. ad infinitum. I'm not sure he'd have it any better, but it certainly wouldn't be the same.

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