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Comment vocational school (Score 1) 374

As much as I would love to see my sons grow up with a PhD or just a BS in some science, going into a TRADE instead would make me very happy if they don't go that route. (In actuality, I could care less WHAT they do as long as it's legal and they are happy!) AC repair, plumbers, electricians, Robot repair (yea...that's going to be big). These are examples of jobs you might be able to do without a 4 year degree costing that kinda $$$$ but instead can get into going into a trade. Had I known what I knew now back when I was in HS (80's) I would of supplemented my career in IT with that of a good skilled blue collar skill. If it's mechanical in any way it's going to break. Somebody has to fix it.

Comment Hiring freeze? (who is going to process all that?) (Score 1) 245

With the hiring freeze in effect in the Federal Government (and it affects contractors as well), WHO is going to stand by, maintain, install, etc all those fax machines? (unless it's just a POTS fax portal which sends the fax as a scanned document to an email box..which would be funny!). Also, I'm sure their mail department will love the extra work as well......

Comment Re:It IS hipsterism (if that's a word) (Score 2) 564

how about this? I also lived through the tape era, buying high end TDK and Maxell. Tapes died because something better came along. Are you REALLY going to tell me it's CHEAPER unit for unit for you to take the TIME to make a tape than burn a CD? And this whole argument about the "warmness" of tapes is goofy. The "tape experience" I remember consisted of hiss you couldn't get rid of no matter how much noise reduction you used, low dynamic range that couldn't be increased without using something like dbx encodings, tapes that broke, tapes that de-magnetized, tapes that JAMMED. Sorry, tapes are NOT cheaper, better than current digital mediums.

Comment CAPS!!!! (Score 1) 209

First of all, the price of Internet (at least at my home) vs Internet + TV is purposely priced by comcast and others so that you really don't save THAT much money. Secondly, what about data caps? Are you really going to police your 2 teenagers and your significant other to watch their data usage?

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