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Comment Prove me wrong. It's aliens. (Score 1) 397

Astronomers and alien life enthusiasts alike are buzzing over the sudden dimming of an otherwise unremarkable star 1300 light-years away in the constellation Cygnus. KIC 8462852 or "Tabby's star" has dimmed like this several times before, prompting some researchers to suggest that the megastructures of an advanced alien civilization might be blocking its light.

"Some researchers"? Perhaps as a joke. Trillions of stars out there of immense variety and form and the moment someone sees something they don't recognize immediately it clearly must be an alien superstructure... Sigh... It's like the people who see some lights in the sky they aren't familiar with and immediately forget what the "U" in UFO stands for, instead going straight to deciding it must be alien visitors.

And the proper term for "alien life enthusiasts" is "mentally ill person". These are people who for whatever reason WANT it to be an alien whatever and who see aliens and conspiracy theories everywhere with no regard to actual evidence. The pattern recognition parts of their brain are stuck in overdrive and no longer function properly because they are disconnected from the rational parts of their brain.

Until proven wrong, I say it's Aliens. You can't prove me wrong until you have facts to dispute me, and besides my fact-less assertion is just as valid as your fact-less assertion. One difference though. MINE is fun to think about. Yours is BORING.

Comment currency vs commodity (Score 1) 172

There are too many shortcomings for it to supplant more valuable currencies, but as a commodity and for specific use cases it's going to stay around. I laugh when I hear some anti-bitcoin person write or say that it's dead or going to die, yet it keeps right on doing it's thing (whatever that ends up being for whatever purpose). Bitcoin is here to stay.

Comment Damn it JJ Look what you have done! (Score 2) 507

The whole JJ Abrams action and re-hash old plot lines (even to the point to duplicating them like the half-vulcan thing) is disappointing. I guess that is what we get for paying our $$$ at the theater to see Abrams STW and ST films. Management at the studio is certain if they just duplicate that in the series, everybody will be happy and the money will roll in.

Comment Federalism is now cool (Score 4, Insightful) 145

Yea, States rights were EVIL before Trump was elected, now all sorts of people have had whiplash change of mind or are "rediscovering" Federalism. Bottom line...many people LOVE Federal power when their people are in charge and LOVE states rights and decentralized power when their people are NOT in power. It's hypocritical, but then why should that surprise me?

Comment Re:The Smurfs 2? (Score 1) 260

It will not be a camera that they use, somebody will custom make a large capture device that fits neatly over a particular screen, blocks out all outside light and capture the movie in it's entirety. The Screen output will be good, the capture device will be good. As long as the content has to travel as light from an emitting source, somebody will find a way to capture it at high quality.

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