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Comment Re:Murica Fuck yea! (Score 1) 635

Who in their right mind would spend 30 minutes in a store? You don't have to do that Europe. Most of your shopping consists of little artisan shops that provide local produce, cheese, wine, meats, and takes you only a minute to order. You then proceed on your way unless you want to socialize.

In Europe, you can buy fresh homemade pasta, the best cheese in the world, great wine without taxation, the best chocolate in the world. If you live in Italy, you can stop for gelato on your way home.

If you live your life going from point A to point B, you will find it severely lacking. You miss out on the good stuff. You will consequently have fewer friends, less sex, and fewer thoughts.

Case in point: When I lived in Europe, I got a little something extra from the baker's cute daughter. :)

Comment Re:Murica Fuck yea! (Score 1) 635

I know you think this may take up a lot of time, but frankly it's worth it -- for the better quality of fresh food.

I bake my own fresh bread. Can't be more fresh than that. Takes about 5 minutes to mix the ingredients for the machine. Cost: hard to measure. A comparable loaf from the store will cost you $3, and it will contain ingredients that you do not need or want (such as those that preserve freshness for weeks.) When I make my own bread I know exactly what goes into it.

Yes it can, and it is. In France, you pick up your daily baguette, still warm, for 1 euro. Made fresh with local ingredients. You don't have to spend time parking, waiting to check out. The entire exchange, unless you want to socialize, will take you ten seconds. I would rather walk 30 meters on a cobblestone road to my local shop, surrounded by thousand year-old architecture, then spend 30 seconds in a car suffocated in concrete and traffic.

In a 3 block radius (small European blocks), you will have your baker, your butcher, your fromager, your wineshop, and sometimes even your own local chocolatier. The food too is not even comparable for the crap that passes in the U.S. In Europe, you can be relatively poor and live like a king.

And time-wise... yes, it is important. Use a stopwatch and time the visit to the store. I don't think I can do it faster than in 15 minutes, considering parking, walking, selecting goods, standing in line, paying, loading the purchases into the car, and leaving the parking lot. 15 minutes * 20 days * 12 months = 60 hours of your life or almost three days per year spent standing in lines in a store! What a joy! Wouldn't you find some better use of that time? We do not live forever, and your time is not free to waste. Buying in bulk also costs less, and refrigerators are quite a handy invention.

No. I wouldn't want to spend my time elsewhere. Shopping in a European hill town or city is easier, faster, cheaper, and social. Almost everything you purchase is locally grown, locally made, and locally sold. It's a completely different way of living that Americans don't understand. In essence, it *is* living and is just as an enjoyable process as cooking and eating.

In Europe, if you like to bake, you can actually make a healthy profession out of it.

Comment Re:Biology workbook (Score 1) 770

This is an interesting conclusion. Could you point to examples that let you reach such a generalization?

In the U.S., there were a lot of intellectual movements in the mid-1800s to early 1900s. This was when the common man actually read literature for insight, entertainment, and enrichment, and then discussed what they read with their fellowman.

Comment Re:Attention Span of Knuckle Heads (Score 1) 287

So you say iMessage? I would not be the least bit surprised if NSA had access to that, too.

This is probably the reason iMessage/iChat doesn't support third-party encryption tools like OTR. Apple used to offer encryption for the subscribers, but I believe that has since been removed.

Apple isn't alone on this, anything made by Microsoft is suspected of having a backdoor.

Comment Re:Isn't this the ultimate goal? (Score 1) 732

True, but as AI gets better and better, it is a possibility that machines will be able to do nearly everything, and there just won't be enough jobs. Not everyone can be artists, actors, or musicians.

Artists, actors, musicians, psychologists, physicists, biologists, writers, ...

Not only art gives unlimited jobs, also science, management, services (there will still be cooks, stylists, hairdressers, ...).

I know many highly talented artists, actors, physicists, biologists, and writers, but they can't find a livable wage. Where are these jobs you speak of?

Most resort to spending decades poor until they are finally recognized.

Comment Re:multi-options (Score 1) 458

How many replies do you have to make? That rambling certainly supports your claim to have a higher IQ than Stephen Hawking. Are you sure you didn't get IQ confused with your SAT score?

You didn't correct any "dichotomy". You spouted nonsense that you thought made you sound smart- it didn't.

You have been unable to articulate and support a position. Yes, my IQ is higher than Stephen Hawking's. Surprise, not all intelligent people are physicists. Just because you were unable to understand my "ramblings", does not make it nonsense.

You created at least two dichotomies: natural and supernatural, religion and science, and insinuated natural law as being empirical -- that which has yet to be proven/verified with mathematical logic must not exist.

Careful there, it's supported by over three schools of philosophical thought, quantum mechanics, and every poet.

I'm really not sure what you claim is supported. I assume wanting things to happen can make them happen. If that is the case then no- it is not supported by anything. A poet is less qualified to weigh in on matters of physics than Jenny McCarthy is on matters of medicin.

"Wanting" things to happen is not the same as "believing" something will happen. And yes, it's all well documented. Google it or go to your local university's library. You completely ignored my other example that's well discussed in metaphysics. Stop nit-picking to suit your agenda, and stop attacking people who are being friendly.

You might want to ask Einstein where he got his general theory of relativity. A physicist is only useful when he's properly educated in poetics and philosophy.

Stay in school. It seems to be the only hope for hopelessness.

I would suggest you try going to school instead of making up IQ scores.

Again, stay in school.

Comment Re:multi-options (Score 1) 458

You continue droning on with the coherence of a Markov chain also indicating a troll.

You do not understand Markov's chain.

Again, your insults are in vain. I had to correct your every irrational dichotomy. Your intelligence is revealed when you make this a personal affair. Glad we got to the heart of the matter.

my IQ = 220
your IQ = 120 at best.

How's that for your dumb thick head? The disparity in our intellect alone is comparing Einstein with a monkey.

Suck it.

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