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Comment Re: Browsers getting too complex (Score 1) 237

So please tell me, how would you design a system where you can't install software that contains a tracker. Any kind of security is only as strong as the weakest link. The OS/browser, if coded "right", can only protect you from unintended infection. if your computer nicely asks you if you want to install this crap and you say yes then it's your fault - not the developers... With dumb user interaction ANY OS can be attacked...

Comment Re: Browsers getting too complex (Score 1) 237

but you do already have "local storage" - they're called cookies. local storage (if it was actually used) provides safer way to store "cookies" (just an example). As a consumer you get a better experience and higher safety. If you're asking why, as a consumer, would you want anything beyond basic HTML then honestly I have no idea what to tell you.

Comment Re: Browsers getting too complex (Score 2) 237

The thing is - everybody is responsible for their security. We don't need to "go back" - we need to teach users how to be safe. I check my parents computer whenever I come see them. No toolbars, no malware, no viruses - because me and my brother took the time to teach them basics of computer security (and mostly to click "no/cancel" if unsure).

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 301

Can't find the final numbers but 900 000 albums were sold in the first week, it was nominated for Mercury Music Prize and Grammy and was no. 17 in the 2006 billboard top independent album list. during the seven years since his solo album he released two albums with Radiohead and one with his new band atoms for peace which is headlining festivals across Europe at the moment. Seems like you have absolutely no idea who Thom Yorke is but you decided to talk crap anyway...

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