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Submission + - Bad Piggies Android Malware Pulled From Google Play (pcmag.com)

lipanitech writes: The chances of you encountering Android malware on the Google Play are relatively slim, but that doesn't mean it's not out there. Yesterday, an app masquerading as the Angry Birds sequel Bad Piggies was yanked from the Google Play store. Security company F-Secure wrote yesterday that they detected the unusual app and reported it to Google, who has since pulled the app from the Google Play store.

Submission + - At Least One Ham Killed in Oklahoma Tornado; At Least One More Survives Close Ca (blogspot.com) 1

lipanitech writes: Tornado researcher Tim Samaras, who was killed May 31 by a tornado outside El Reno, Oklahoma, was an Extra Class amateur holding the call sign WJ0G. According to news reports, the twister he was tracking along with his son, Paul, and partner, Carl Young, suddenly changed course and headed directly for them. All three were killed.

Comment Re:How about cutting Notes? (Score 1) 276

I myself am not a fan lotus. The only time I ever used lotus was to help with migrations from lotus to another mail system. I mean for its time was innovative but like anything else if there is no money or drive behind the product it dies. I am surprised IBM kept it around as long as it did but again with very little user base IBM loosing money I would not be surprised if we don't see Novell group wise in the same boat soon.

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