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Comment Re:No one is excluded by other people (Score 1) 608

Is it, though? The formative years are critical for developing the relevant traits, and you can hardly expect children to figure this out on their own, even though perhaps you—and, for that matter, I—just happened to unlock the programmer storyline during the great Brownian motion that constitutes the formative years of most children. We really ought to make programming a mainstream subject, preferably from as young an age as possible.

Comment Re:3D Printers should be illegal. (Score 1) 380

We don't actually distribute them willy nilly either, but we are allowed to buy them if we are good boys and girls.

And how do you define "good boys and girls"? Do you have to attend a mandatory course on gun safety and stress management? Do you have to pass a test to prove yourself capable of using a gun under considerable stress without incident? No, you only have to be an adult, without a record, and patient enough to wait, what, two weeks or something? This still counts as willy-nilly.

If one had to prove oneself not to be a total boob around guns before being allowed to have one, I would soften a bit on the matter. But the current regulations are ridiculous.

Comment Re:3D Printers should be illegal. (Score 1) 380

It will make governments shit themselves with fear that anyone can create a hand-gun, and then there will be stupid laws, and corporations will see dollar signs and suggest some kind of DRM mechanism in place on "legal" replicators and then we're in the same mess as we are now, only with physical objects. I don't want to have to jailbreak my replicator in the future, or have to reverse-engineer some future closed-spec DRMd object format.

And you're right, I don't know anything about guns. That's kinda the point. I'm living in a country where guns aren't distributed willy-nilly, hence my total ignorance about such weaponry. And I'm quite proud of the fact.

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