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Comment Depends (Score 1) 403

Depends on if the PS4 and\or XBox3 will have a comparable (or better) tablet. If not, the WiiU will always have the tablet over the others. The PS4 promises interactivity between the Vita and smart phones. Smart phones are increasingly becoming a staple, so being able to interact with a console would be a huge leap in usability. Will smart phones interact with the PS4 and TV screen in the same way the WiiU tablet does? Hope so, far from guaranteed. Sounds more like Sony's doing an OnLive thing with them. Perhaps the XBox3 will be able to use smart phones (including iOS and Android, not just Windows devices) in ways like the WiiU's tablet; that would all but remove Nintendo's edge here. Probably not all that likely, but if any console could integrate with iOS and Android phones to the extent of WiiU tablets, 4 or more at a time, I'd bet on that console leading the generation by a good margin as long as it was ok otherwise.

Also depends on how cheap Nintendo can afford to make the WiiU in comparison of the others. I very much encourage powerful consoles that can bring the power of not-too-old gaming PCs, yet it still should give Nintendo an edge on console price, even counting the extra cost of making the tablet. If they can leverage that, they should sell enough to keep a place in the market, even if the weak specs are a deal-breaker for many.

Finally, while it's up to personal preference, Nintendo is still making games that some people find great. Even New Super Mario Bros. U, which was clearly a quick game they knew they could have ready for launch, and the fourth in the NSMB series, is a lot of fun to play, both for the level design, and the fifth player that gets to place blocks with the tablet. With successes like Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 in their recent history, the hope is that the WiiU's library will have some further winners over the years. So with any luck it will make reasonable sales and achieve that.

The 8th generation of console gaming should be a good one. With the "big three", the Ouya and other Android boxes, Steam Boxes, increasingly easy PC-TV integration, and better tools for porting games across platforms, there should be something for everyone, and a lot of surprises along the way.

Comment Re:Following this logic... (Score 1) 813

The difference is proof against it, well to some abstract degree anyway. With intelligent design, you can say that anything over 6000 years old was set up by [deity] to a) test our faith and\or b) give us an opportunity to learn about things scientifically and guide our civilization by designing a fake evolution that didn't actually happen. It's unlikely, yes, but impossible to disprove.

The Sun revolving around the Earth, we can see on a constant basis that's not true. Sure, it could be some supernatural "smoke and mirrors" but we can continuously prove the Earth is going around the Sun. Sure, by the same logic, we can see an old fossil and carbon date it and all that, but we didn't actually see the fossil get made in the same way we see the Earth go around the Sun.

The good thing about teaching intelligent design is that it takes much much less time to understand than the theory than Evolution. You can give a few weeks to evolution and all of 10 minutes to intelligent design and can claim that you have a better understanding of the latter. Under that system, it's not doing a lot of harm (and actually, most kids would readily dismiss it after hearing about it if they weren't brought up in a religious family to begin with). If you have some zealot saying that more than 10 minutes should be devoted to understanding intelligent design, and go into details about a specific religion (e.g. Christianity) that's the point when student's time is dangerously being wasted.

Comment Re:AMD Catalyst (Score 1) 736

Another good one is Windows XP Service Pack 3 manual installer. It moves along quite nicely until it gets to the last sliver at which point it's "performing cleanup", but it's actually installing dozens of hotfixes behind the scenes. This can easily take many times longer than the rest of the install, and can only be slightly sped up by keeping an eye on all the Windows Update processes in Task Manager, and giving each one high priority as they come and go.

Comment Re:Blame the marketers (Score 1) 618

More specifically, the marketers are perfectly smart, it's the marketing regulations that are at fault. The "large box for small product" thing you mentioned is the worst of it since it actually depletes resources and increases labour in the interest of making the product more sell-able (plus harder to shoplift but that's probably a minor point compared to the marketing).

Comment Re:GiB (Score 1) 618

Which raises another point, instead of using "d"s and "i"s which confuse casual observers, would it be possible to use small case for decimal and large case for binary? As in kB = 1000 bytes, KB = 1024. The small letter being worth less would be intuitive.

Comment Re: You Are Quite Disingenuous (Score 1) 513

The story is directly about Microsoft running a scare campaign about Google's ToS, which is largely the same as Microsoft's ToS except easier to read. If it was a story about e-mail privacy in general, then no, two wrongs don't make a right. Even three wrongs would fail to do it. Four? Doubtful. But it's not a story about multiple wrongs making a right. It's a story about Microsoft doing what Microsoft evidently does best: cribbing other company's innovations and then convincing customers into jumping ship over to their product.

Comment Re:Speaking of "Smear Campaigns"... (Score 1) 513

Their angle boils down to "Our ToS allows us to do the same as Google, but we're not very good at making algorithms, so it would be harder for us to spy on you. Just remember: every time you have to manually remove a piece of spam, that just assurance that our incompetence bars us from picking up your habits."

Comment Re:Always on = !on (Score 1) 592

Yeah, Wii U as a "Wii Mode" where it pretty much acts like a Wii, so it connects to the older Wii Shop instead of the newer Nintendo Store (IIRC it can only use outdated wireless security protocols as well). Incidentally, it you have a Wii, there is a transfer feature for moving your Wii games to Wii U. That said, I didn't see much on Wii Ware besides the BitTrip games, and everything seemed a little overpriced for the content, but I haven't checked it out for about 2 years.

You'll need to keep your 'Cube though, as Wii U only goes down to Wii.

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