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Comment Re:Market Value 101 !! (Score 1) 233

I think we're saying the same thing. Just because an employer has to pay $100k for a job doesn't mean they "want" to pay that much. It's worth $30k to them but they can't find anybody near by willing to do that.

So they go looking for somebody willing to take the job for less. Or realize that the work isn't something they want to do and that consolidation is necessary and the only way to achieve that is through outsourcing the service.

We had a skill that was semi-valued but not at a full-time level. So management kept asking the expert to do other tasks that he really wasn't trained in nor wanted to learn. He left the company seeing no growth and was never replaced. Years later in the midst of quality problems a senior manager asked "what does John's testing effort tell us?" -- "Oh, John quit a year ago, we haven't been doing his kind of testing since."

Comment Because they are far away (Score 1) 435

The universe is supposed to be of an infinite size. We keep assuming that intelligent life must be far more advanced than we are - even though we all "started with a bang" around the same time (given the random flicker required to make life emerge).

Why is it that these other life beings can't be 5 kazillion light years away and we just haven't heard from them yet. Or another race of "humans" just like us barely walked on their own local moon 50 years ago -- and they too are beaming signals into space wondering where everyone else is?!

The scientist types sure have an inferiority complex.

Comment Man uses paper map - lives to tell about it (Score 1) 276

news at 11.

I remember using the AAA TripTik when I was a kid. Mom would have one printed before our long vacation drives - very useful map. Each was very fresh and contained construction notes, detours, and other information.

But in the end - the giant paper map was always consulted for the big picture.

I still use the paper map even with my GPS. GPS gets me there when I know where I want to go --- but the map lets me strategize and change my plans.

Comment Market Value 101 !! (Score 3, Interesting) 233

My father always told me "don't get good at something you don't like to do" --- years later I'd learn that it was true, and B) don't ever get good at something that isn't valued (or can be automated).

The low wages for these IT jobs is simply the Value That Companies Put on the Work. They need a semi-skilled laborer to write 'em some dumb code. Or push buttons for a manual testing effort. The cost of "now" vs "automate it" -- usually "now" wins. Regardless of how bad you may feel about somebody doing the same job for less -- realize this -- it's all the employer is willing to pay to get the job done.

Don't get good at those jobs.

Comment Re:It will always be better to share (Score 1) 494

you are correct - the position has changed. The technology exists currently (not a "in 10 years" problem) -- political might is the weak link. Although there are missing components to make it real - using storage tech and a smart grid it could be done by 2050.


Comment Re:It will always be better to share (Score 1) 494

You semi-humorously point out what the power grid might become in a 2.0 model. Like you I don't see the grid going way - NYC doesn't have enough space to generate electricity on rooftops. Rural places that have room for panels will reduce their need for the grid. I've also read that solar can't power the world (not enough sun reaches our surface). Sure - improvements in efficiency are needed and will occur. MPG for a home!? A hybrid model of mini generators and large ones.

For me - I live in the woods. Great for my A/C bill. However, the whole neighborhood has a large plot of open common land which could become a solar panel farm. Do we selfishly pay to wire this to "our" homes? .. or make it part of the larger grid. Well.... isn't this is the grid by definition. Pay the experts with the infrastructure.

The future grid became clearer to me when I learned about batteries being used to charge off-peak (nighttime) and run A/C during the day for large demand items like A/C units. The hot summer demands will only grow. The mini generators (wind & private solar) help produce "local" energy and slow the growth of the grid and also prevent/reduce the emergency power days that are becoming common across the country.

As our population increases, total demand for energy will also increase. Now the grid doesn't need to expand as fast.

Comment Re:I thought.. (Score 1) 548

Correct. I was told that a rough-cut 2x4 would actually be 2x4. However, 2x4's that most of us buy are "finished" meaning smoothed and sanded.

I have purchased such wood items and they sure seem strange to hold in your hands because they aren't the expected dimensions.

This is all understood by the tradesmen - so educating everyone else -- well it would be a horrible world if suddenly 2x4 weren't... 2x4's anymore. "I'd like a 1.3251 by 3.5856 please"

Comment Sacred cows make the best burgers (Score 1) 460

You are probably correct. However, when the system finally fails it might force an upgrade/replacement or retirement of the system. Sometimes catching fire is the only way we cook our sacred cow burgers.

Or the old guy retires.

Seriously - I've seen this happen. "Most Important Process" in the place is handled by "one" person who quits because s/he can't get away from doing the process. No matter how many times they brought it up for review, nope "this is the most important process" - even attempts to be promoted to a new job/role and management sticks the task with them. So they quit. Then nobody is assigned to do the job (maybe a few cracks at it on a volunteer basis) - but in the end the task goes undone for an extended period of time before finally somebody officially declares it obsolete.

Sacred cows make the best burgers.

Comment Re:Siri's improving (Score 1) 148

That mirrors my experiences. I used it when I first bought an Apple product years ago - it works great to create tasks, send text messages, and hands free stuff "do I have any messages?" I'm able to edit message or have it read them back to me before sending.

But --- that's about all it can do. Few apps can participate (any?)

I'd like the phone to work as a single unit. "what time is Batman playing tonight?" Great - "Schedule Watch Batman at 8pm and Invite Bob too"

Search sucks. I ask Siri questions all the time. Either "Sorry Siri isn't available" or "Not sure what you mean - here's a web search" But if I ask Google Search the same question the google app Reads the Answer to me !!

It is not a personal assistant. Just a voice controlled remote control.

Comment There go the power outlets !! (Score 1) 456

Geez - is TSA really worried about a battery of a certain size? Or is it a bomb disguised as a big battery?

If it simply the requirement of a powerful energy source -- then what about those darn power outlets that were added to planes so we could use our laptop on long flights?!

Seriously - I think you've all latched onto the wrong threat. I'm assuming the real issue is the laptop is the bomb and needs power to detonate. It isn't the battery - its the size of the package. A Cell phone is too small, but big thick 1990's Dell Laptop can carry enough material to make a big hole. And apparently so can an iPad. People have problems bringing blocks of cheese on a plane because they show up as C-4 on the x-ray. Batteries probably look like cheese like -> C-4

Well - "they" thought underwear had enough room too. These people are failing and iterating looking for something that will work. Basic business: fail-fast, iterate,.... succeed? Sneakers didn't make a hole. iPad? try it.

Submission + - Shodan Tool Tracks Down Botnet Command-And-Control Servers

An anonymous reader writes: Search engine Shodan has announced a tool to help businesses hunt out and block traffic from malware command-and-control servers. The new Malware Hunter service, which has been designed in a collaborative project with threat intelligence company Recorded Future, continuously scans the internet to locate control panels for different remote access trojans (RAT), including Gh0st RAT, Dark Comet, njRAT, XtremeRAT, Net Bus and Poison Ivy. The internet crawler identifies botnet C2 servers by connecting to public IP addresses and sending traffic which mimics that of an infected device. If the receiver computer sends back a response, that server is flagged. So far, the Malware Hunter has traced over 5,700 RAT servers, with more than 4,000 of these based in the U.S.

Comment Good For Her ! (Score 1) 157

It's all about share-holder value. Even hers. She found a buyer and saved coin. So she made ~$200 mil. Good for her.

To me Yahoo! always seemed doomed. The Microsoft bid ~8 years ago shed Yahoo in a bad light - a company struggling to stay on top against Google and Bing. At the time I wondered why MS would want Yahoo - didn't seem like a good fit. Yahoo was buying search results and not making them (or being paid to send requests to MS) - Search as a Service? okay - the engine isn't the special sauce, but the data is (who searched for what).

She did the best with what she had. We can all argue whether Verizon is going to be a good fit. But Time-Warner bought AOL bought Netscape ( Netscape who? yeah that was only the biggest thing on the web). But was it TW the bad steward? AOL? the mix? Or did Netscape implode and buzzards bought the carcase? (I think they imploded having no product). Could Yahoo really have been turned around - or does it need a corp overlord like Verizon to make it happen. Is Yahoo really a standalone company or a bunch of product subdivisions.

This is where I think Yahoo was headed. AOL like it, and Compuserve, and that Apple thing (yeah - remember Apple had one too - can't remember the name). Things come and go. Maybe Verizon can find a home for it - the name Yahoo! might be worth something (someday).

Like Circuit City !!!

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