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Comment Moving America? (Score 1) 398

I've seen that some once thriving area's are now shrinking - people have moved to new areas. And maybe those stores need to close.

It feels more like Refactoring. Close the ones that aren't working and open new ones that will work.

Economics says that this will take care of itself. I don't think Amazon is the cause. Yes - Sears has done a lot to hurt itself. But they started out as a catalog store - able to service areas without having to build a giant store. And many feel they failed to react quickly enough to changing landscape.

As for being a made up media hype - could be. But I don't read the news anymore. It's all fake... right?!

Comment Re:It's becomming a fad these days .... (Score 1) 212

so right. The tone of the transcript is "yeah - we really had no chance against those big bad Russian guys. We kept everyone else out...but not those guys " Russia is hacking everything in sight - gosh none of us stand a chance.

Plus - it's a diversion. "ignore the man behind the curtain" -- "look! Squirrel... and Moose too" Pin it on that Russian voter thing - ignore Yahoo. Look at that other guy.

Comment Re:Strange game... (Score 1) 219

Exactly. FB has had the option of syncing with your local address book for years. This isn't a FB only address book - no - it is everything on my local phone uploaded to them.

So I don't enable it because I don't want to share it. However, a friend decides to use it -- and guess what.... all my contact info is uploaded to FB without my permission. FB has my email address - and can link it to that other synced address book. Now they know me and a lot more info than I shared with FB. Sorry - my read birth date is not January 1.

While I may opt-out of what I tell FB they can't share/know about me -- Somebody ELSE can make a different decision for me. Yeah - I don't like that.

Comment Monetary system or Ponzi scheme ? (Score 3, Insightful) 141

So far the early adopters seem to be trying to make a fast buck on the ever increasing value of the system - which grows because new people enter it. Is this real growth or a ponzi scheme?

Wow - imagine if the banks could have an Undo button. Reset. Start over.

National Debt could be erased, all those bad loans. Bankruptcy? What Bankruptcy?!

I can't imagine losing $32 million in some money "system" --- could you imagine placing your paycheck into this "bank" to pay for all your stuff, and then the landlord says "last month's check never came through" only to find everything gone! $32, $320, $3200... or $32 million. Who cares how much evaporated - it's gone. Speculative investments at their best.

It's an experiment that people are willing to invest $100's millions into? Feels more ponzi to me.

Comment Might SSO be the password reuse stats? (Score 1) 72

We are SSO and use LastPass. Many of our systems are SSO - and LastPass thinks that each is a different site, but happily records my SSO password. And then LastPass puts up a warning "you have reused the same password at multiple sites - this is bad"

But wait -- they are all the same system, or at least have SSO integration. I wonder if that skews their results at all?!

Which is the pitfall of SSO: - one password to remember -- and only one to guess.

Comment Bug Report or Policy Change? (Score 1) 190

Thanks for the tech support update. It doesn't sounds like Google has changed any kind of policy - rather is having an issue enforcing current policy.

In other news - my Intel video driver update is causing Outlook to draw a black page when I plug in an external monitor. Choosing "disable hardware acceleration" appears to be the work around.

Public service --- Just incase anyone else needs to know about that bug too. I'll post it to twitter hoping to make it a Slashdot article. The twitter universe - where all the news that isn't is published.

Comment Unlikely - didn't Verizon FiOS promise to NYC? (Score 1) 226

The ReplyAll podcast covered the Verizion FiOS "everywhere" in NYC story a while back. Short version: It isn't coming.

A lofty goal which I find hard to believe will happen. Of course now that the new software engineer millionaires have pushed all of the poor people out of SF - they can start making fibre demands on their ISP (that's sarcasm btw). Even better - Organic Fibre !!!

Comment Willing to bet KGB employee (Score 2) 139

I'm willing to bet that Kaspersky had an employee who was also an unknown intelligence spy on the payroll.

The intelligence agency figured out the US Govt was using software - submitted resume for spy to open job - and spy reported to work as instructed. Aren't we worried that the NSA is asking Google/Apple/ISP (cough AT&T) to open the door a crack?

Isn't this the fear of many in security? - that an unknown group could change the C compiler source code to ignore or replace certain instructions. Then modify the encryption software with a backdoor that matches the pattern the compiler is looking for - and thus inject a backdoor? Said backdoor is not visible/obvious in the encryption software.

And the method to do this is have spies report to work at legitimate businesses. with external orchestration of their activities.

Also possible that said spy figured out the zero-day which was put to use from another group outside. OR coded said backdoor or side-channel vector.

Submission + - Oracle Engineer Talks Of ZFS Possibly Still Being Upstreamed On Linux (

fstack writes: Senior software architect Mark Maybee who has been work Oracle/Sun since '98 says maybe we "could" still see ZFS be a first-class upstream Linux file-system. He spoke at the annual OpenZFS Developer Summit how Oracle's focus has shifted to the cloud, they have reduced investment in Solaris, and admits that Linux rules the cloud. Among the Oracle engineer's hopes is that ZFS needs to become a "first class citizen in Linux" and to do so Oracle should port their ZFS code to Oracle Linux and then upstream the file-system to the Linux kernel, which would involve relicensing the ZFS code.

Comment What Kind of Idiot Gets Phished? (Score 1) 197

This was the title of a ReplyAll podcast episode a while back. Since they use the Google platform themselves they dove into this question after several kinds of attacks surfaced in the media. Most interestingly those with Google Authenticator keys could be attacked through social engineering (using methods similar to the Google docs attack). Therefore, having an "idiot proof" key exchange sounds like a great and necessary method to secure our stuff. While this is Google only now - I'm willing to bet it will expand in the future. I also use Microsoft's authenticator for work access - and a message pops up on my iWatch asking "are you trying to login" and requires a simple Yes/No tap. Google also has a similar feature in the Google app. No more typing codes.

Of course the attacks of the future will be to steal the current key value off your device.

Comment Re:Meh - I'm not a Bergen, don't need to eat Troll (Score 1) 211

Well --- way back when, before even my time - you picked up the phone and said into it "I want to call Bob across town" --- or "Can you connect me with Sears catalog order dept?" and magically the call would be connected.

Then a big detour happened and the operators were replaced by dial-pads and you did it yourself.

Now we're back to talking to the operator and her name is Siri.

What's old is new again. Or is that new is old again?

Comment True - BUT - it's a team sport !!!! (Score 1) 255

It is true that it comes down to one person to deploy the patch. But somebody somewhere else in the process should be reviewing the list of unpatched servers and asking "Hey - what's up?! how come this list of servers still isn't patched?"

Hard to believe that the have a flow down org and hope the bottom feeders are doing their jobs....without any oversight.

No no - somebody higher up isn't doing their job either !!!

Comment Meh - I'm not a Bergen, don't need to eat Trolls (Score 2, Insightful) 211

It's a telephone. The first year that the Bell phone hung on the wall everyone I'm sure was excited. Now a days there's a box in my parent's basement full old crap want one? all are free!!! This is where we are with the iPhone. It's a phone. The most exciting feature of the X is an animated emoji - I hear the movie sucked ! The phone is still a rectangle. You have any idea how long it took AT&T to change the shape of the phone - wasn't until after it was deregulated.

I do need a new phone - have a discontinued iPhone 5 (no S, no C, no Plus.... plain old original stock). However, the X is too rich and thinking about the whole material things won't love me issue...I'll go for the 8. But my wife has the 7 --- and I don't see a difference.

Obviously I hold onto things until they expire. Do I save a buck and get the 7 or at least get the most current model 8?! or maybe the SE because it is smaller - and I have the watch too.

But why do I need a smartphone again?! Oh, so I can swipe through FB twice a day while pretending to care about the content !? That experience can be had for far less than a $1,000 X.

And damit -- why are the storage sizes 64 or 256. Why couldn't it have been a useful 128 vs 256? Oh - 'cause nobody would pay the premium for a 256. I guess I will be parted from my money.

Oh woes me.

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