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Comment Re:Faraday Cage? (Score 1) 228

No problem! EMP induced forced epileptic fits as they pass through the exit gate, to wipe their short term memories!

In all seriousness: you got a real sense of the fun that was had on set by watching the Smeg Ups/Smeg Outs out-take videos. I'm sure studio audiences had things like mailing lists and cameras back in the 90s, but they also had respect enough not to spoil their fellow dwarfers constantly.

PS: Rimmer is Lister's father!!!!!11

Comment Re:SURVEY SAYS?? ...Meh. (Score 1) 327

That's because it's chat with a couple of features.

The principle of which is deleting what someone previously wrote and replacing their text with "I'M GAY!!!!"

Incidently the wave I used for one afternoon with some friends now takes hundreds of megs to load in a browser..

Comment Re:ENHANCE (Score 1) 874

While movies typically do this in a b.s. fashion, it is possible to create an "enhanced" still image using multiple frames of a video source. It is called Super-resolution

Hurrah! I knew there was a point to recording all those Star Trek episodes onto VHS twice. I guessed that having two copies of it would mean I could use both sources to create a super-clean version one day in the future.. umm, not that I ever will.

Comment Re:Oh yuck. (Score 1) 147

My vote goes for: pump all the oil through a giant radiator which is cooled by a diverted river (or leave the cold tap on full and don't tell the water company!)

I was interested in how they dealt with the hard drives, which traditionally don't play well with submersion due to having breathing holes to equalise pressure inside and outside the drive.

Seems like they just wrapped them in a sleeve to block off the holes? I'm not sure that'll work too well.. all the modding projects I've seen do this either used SSDs, mounted the hard drives out of the oil, or provided pipes out of the oil attached to the breathing holes.

I seem to remember oil even got into a drive via the power/sata connectors too, which doesn't bode well. Good luck to them anyhow.

Comment Re:10 years? (Score 2, Interesting) 539

It's interesting to apply these kind of calculations to the human brain, to understand the scale of the thing.

From TFA, to simulate a single cortical column:

"You need one laptop to do all the calculations for one neuron," he said. "So you need ten thousand laptops." Instead, he uses an IBM Blue Gene machine with 10,000 processors.

Okay, so there's about 20 billion neurons in the neocortex alone, about 2 million cortical columns then assuming 10,000 neurons in each. Even the mighty Moore's law from 2005 (Blue Brain's construction) -> 2019 isn't going to cover an increase of 2 million times for the kind of supercomputer you can construct at that time. So it's already relying on things like GPGPU to supercede Moore's law.

Storage is another problem. Even simple representations of a neuron, its position, state, and all of its connections get huge when you multiply them by 20 billion.

Blue Brain is trying to do a chemically accurate simulation of the brain, which as stated could very well be useful for testing new drugs and so on. But I don't expect this kind of heavy simulation to be the first thing to gain conciousness-like properties. We need to use the data generated by Blue Brain to build simpler models of neurons and cortical columns that behave in comparable ways, and then construct our artificial brain from those. Of course connectivity is another issue..

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