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Comment Re:Dark matter (Score 1) 247

You (and the submitter or editor) seem to think that baryonic matter is something exotic. It is not. Baryons are the family of particles that comprise exactly three quarks, and include the protons and neutrons that make up all known (and unknown) elements. You're almost entirely made of baryonic matter.
The real article says it's baryonic matter precisely to convey that it's mundane matter, and not mesons like pions or any of the really strange stuff like pentaquarks.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 222

What sort of nonsense would you have to be doing where trust of self would even come up as a security issue?

Anyone who writes code, or configures a computer, or add firewall rules, or pick programs to install should question whether they trust themselves too much, and whether a second and third set of eyes would be useful.

We are easily blind to the problems we ourselves introduce, and tend to trust our own judgement without questioning. And when the brown stuff hits the rotating thing, the natural reaction is to place blame elsewhere, and forget that we shouldn't have trusted our own judgement.

Comment Re:stay away from unhackble "personal assistants" (Score 1) 50

This slashdotter's personal assistant is wont to say "go shut it off yerself, ya lazy basterd".

Anyhow, I don't think voice control is a nerd pursuit. That's what the anti-nerds want, instead of simply coding CD 27 00 into a microcontroller that uses X10 to tell its counterpart to attenuate the amplifier and lights. I know, I don't understand either why the masses trade concise commands and simplicity for a fault-prone analog air vibration system that requires years of training to use.

Comment Re:I actually remember those early Unix days. (Score 2) 106

One of the seriously underutilized areas of perl is the r, reports. The format/write concept really makes life easier when it's reports you have to generate. But it's a completely different concept from how it's done in other languages, Even those who use perl regularly seem to forget about it, and use it as if it was just a more convenient awk. Which has no useful capabilities for reporting except an END clause.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 222

Yes, with some simple precautions, you are reasonably safe.
- Do not browse porn or humor sites with flash enabled or without an adblocker.
- Do not open unsolicited e-mail attachments. Especially, don't treat the sender address as authentication - look for text that positively identifies that it's the real sender and why it was sent.
- If you get a suspicious pop-up, don't click its close button, because it could be a visual overlay for the "install" action. Use ALT-F4 to close the browser.
- If in Windows, go to Folder Options - View, and uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types". Then you will see that the attachment that looks like funnycat.jpg really is funnycat.jpg.exe

Thing is, even with antivirus installed, most new infections will go straight past the AV and infect your PC. The reason is of course that those who write malware test it against the AV software first, and make changes until it passes. Then they have several days until the AV software recognizes the change, and they make another permutation. The net effect is that the AV software will scan enormous and ever-growing lists of signatures, and slow your system down more and more, while all new malware still gets through.

An observant user, on the other hand, stops most new malware. Unless you're specifically targeted by a hacker, you're reasonably safe.

Comment Re:Why the rush to defend anitvirus that hacks YOU (Score 1) 222

So why are people rushing to defend this attack on our country?

I'm not sure people are, as much as they're not impressed with our country's attack on We The People, even by foreign nationals in CIAs hire.

Plus, is it proven beyond doubt and Hanlon's razor that there was an attack on the attackers?

Comment Re:LOL (Score 2) 222

As a former antivirus author, I suggest a third alternative:
Don't trust your computer to any antivirus. You give these programs full access to your machine, and they become an attack vector as well as slowing down the machine.
And it's not like they are going to stop zero day attacks anyhow, and that's the second biggest thing to worry about (after human gullibility).

Comment Re: Looking at it wrong (Score 4, Insightful) 123

How many lives were saved or improved by 50% of cancer treatments having a positive effect?

Probably not as many as you might think. Prolonging suffering is considered a "positive effect" from a drug company's perspective, and medicating someone to the point that they're not aware of much is technically effective against pain.
It's hard to objectively measure quality of life - quantity is much easier to measure.

Comment Re:I've never seen this (Score 1) 66

Works just fine in Pale Moon.

Only newer versions of Pale Moon that do not work in still supported OSes like Enterprise Linux 6. NoScript requires Pale Moon 27.2 or newer, and Pale Moon dropped support for anything not having glibc 2.17 or newer, despite not taking advantage of anything that actually requires 2.17 - their team is just too small to build for a lot of platforms.

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