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Comment To be taken seriously (Score 1) 117

This is something that must not be overlooked. This is becoming a plague on Youtube...especially on that platform and the people who are the victims most of the time are the people who put the video up on youtube.

For example, the video Day One: Garry's Incident video on youtube (the one released by TotalBiscuit...just search for it)... it was available to some poeple and then because the company got too much bad press on it cause the game sucked way to bad and it seems like the game was in alpha stage...just too much problems and most reviews (including steam comments) told to not buy the game.

The company got around and requested the video to be removed. The user had no choice but to agree to this non sense. In the end, (not me cause I already saw the video ahahah), the consumer don't know what the game could be liked... But not in this case since youtube wasn't the only source of info lol.

What I want to say is simple...companies got too much power when it comes to this. The consumer or the other party or customer who has no ressources at all is the victim in this. Google seems to be bending way too easily and I hesitate to say this but I will, I feel like Google is feeding the trolls sometimes because they don't fight and automatically agree.

Comment Wait what ? (Score 1) 68

members of the Parliament are using the public network to check their mail ? That alone is a breach of security...split that. members of the Parliament should use a private secure network (vpn, ssl, etc etc)...not the same network as mister and misses on the street lol. Just for starters the wifi is hidden to the public and thats only a first on the big list of security we implemented here and the security should be high even if people don't like it...it's your system, not theirs so its the admin's job to provide security for this type of situation.

Comment Re:price (Score 2) 331

Don't need any studies for that. Some people's eyes are getting hurt or tired after some time and others not... it depends on the person. You can do the test yourself, just play(or work) on a computer screen for 12 hours starting at 10am till 10pm and you'll see for yourself. If your eyes hurts or getting tired then your affected by this problem.

One solution to this on the computer is to use the program called FL.UX which is free and it modifies your computer's display to adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.

So reading a boook on a PC wont be a problem for me but using anything than that could be a problem as I know lots of people with this kind of problem. For me, i don't have any problems with that. i could stare at a screen for more than 12 hours straigh and my eyes wont be tired, stressed or anything like that. I recently had my eyes checked and they're in full heath as well

Comment Re:Is it possible that patents are an undue burden (Score 1) 324

Hire someone to look into it. Firms exists for this kind of thing. That would be a solution but I assume it's not cheap obviously since the firm as to take a look at all the details of your invention then search through a really huge database to look for similar technology that uses patents like yours or similar to yours...

Comment Re:Well, isn't this nice (Score 2) 961

Its amazing how can pain and suffering can make you do or think when someone very close that you love is going through. I can understand is point of view and anger towards anyone (gov,doctors and anyone else) wont allow assisted suicide. To see your father that you supported all your life in pain all day and probably all night long can be very hard to see for his son.

Can you imagine where a father, a supporter of a family, the pillar of a group, a leader once a man...reduced to almost nothing near the end of his life. Can you imagine your son taking care of you of small simple things as..."can you wash me in my bath tub son"... I'm sorry but for me, I can't imagine that since I do have my dignity and I don't want to lose that later in my life.

I can easily imagine his anger as he see's his father losing his life very slowly and leaving him in a painful way. But it's almost ironic to see doctors who are suppose to cure and heal people that in this case... are supporting suffering of a patient. it's just odd to see assisted suicide left alone in it's corner, unattended and unsupervised

The bright side of this is every major country have this problem so he's not alone at least. Hell, theres some articles on this subject almost every year involving these cases.

Comment Re:CPU embedded in GPU versus GPU embedded in CPU (Score 1) 53

GPU is important enough at least at a basic level but when you speak about servers... do we need them. I mean, I know microsofts next servers will have the optional GUI implemented and they will "try" to get away from the GUI and will recommend to work without it. I question the need for the GPU

Comment Re:The internet is for porn (Score 1) 152

thank god 2.5b aprox uses the Internet. A big percentage off of those are on porn sites or uses it heavily. So lets hope the AI dont give us a bad reputation since theres more than double that number of people on earth lol. but heres my question, after the A.I crashes (too much porn lol), whats next for that A.I ?

Comment Re:Mixed bag (Score 2) 109

You should know how much incercaration cost to society...I'm not in the US and I can tell you the US pays a crapload of money for their prison. A small investment like this seems to be fair if you ask me. They choose their people who have more chance to graduate and in return, they pay taxes when they get out of prison, seems like a win-win situation to me

Comment its a practice done since our society was... (Score 1) 453

I'm not sure how it goes in other countries but it should be the same especially from the youtube movie called earth but the way industrialized countries raise they're livestock is really alarming. For example, here in Québec (east of canada for those who don't know where exactly) pigs are in big warehouses where they're usually born and raised but because there's so much of them in 1 space because of today's needs, they give them antibiotic. Of course, they're system removes most of the antibiotic after time but theres a small percentage that they keep and when they get killed so they sell there meat for us to eat, we get those antibiotics because they can't be removed 100%

So who's to blame here... if there is one to blame. I honestly believe society as a whole is to blame since they want meat. Companies gives them what they want because they want to make profit. On the other hand, people want meat as well so its an endless loop. If this continues at this rate.. Time for me to change my diet lmao

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