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Submission + - Novell "Forking"

Anonymous Coward writes: "From Groklaw: Well, if there are any Novell supporters left, here's something else to put in your pipe and smoke it. Novell is forking There will be a Novell edition of and it will support Microsoft OpenXML. (The default will be ODF, they claim, but note that the subheading mentions OpenXML instead.) I am guessing this will be the only covered by the "patent agreement" with Microsoft. You think? 30954610"

Submission + - New Hacker Challenge based on "A Christmas Sto

ddonzal writes: "Last time it was "Hitch-hacker's Guide to the Galaxy." This time it's "A Christmas (Hacking) Story." Noted author and host of EH-Net's Skillz Challenge, Ed Skoudis, brings us yet another awesome challenge from pop culture. Remember the movie with the Messy Marvin kid, the interesting lamp, the Red Rider Beebee gun and the kid with his tongue stuck to the pole? In this challenge, Ed puts you right in the holiday spirit of giving by helping Ralphie explore his Old Man's network and to hack a copy of his parent's Xmas gift list. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, doesn't it? But, be careful, or else you'll hack your eye out!"

Submission + - Azureus' HD Vids Trump YouTube

tedgyz writes: Wired has an article describing a high definition video service from Azureus. It looks like the previous article about commercialization is coming to fruition. Youtube is mentioned as the low definition predecessor.
From the article:
Available at Zudeo, users can upload, download and comment on videos in a manner similar to other video sharing sites like YouTube, Metacafe and Revver. But instead of the low-resolution video offered by competing services, the Azureus system promises internet video at better than DVD quality, thanks to BitTorrent's ability to distribute huge video files speedily.
The Internet

Verisign Retains .com Control Until 2012 92

Several readers wrote to note that the U.S. Department of Commerce, in a controversial deal, has extended Verisign's control of the .com domain. Verisign got the right to raise prices in four of the six years of the contract, by up to 7% each time. From the article: "Verisign has control of .com and .net locked up for the next several years, but there will still be a modicum of oversight. [Commerce] retains final approval over any price hikes, and has said that any subsequent renewal of the contract will occur 'only if it concludes that the approval will serve the public interest in the continued security and stability of the Internet domain name system... and the provision of registry services at reasonable prices, terms and conditions.'"

Submission + - Vista: CIOs' First Impressions

lizzyben writes: Baseline magazine interviewed CIOs and IT consultants to get their take on Microsoft's Vista and is reporting that "Most big companies will wait at least a year before deploying Vista to make sure the operating system is stable and that third-party applications work well with it, the beta testers say."

More from the story: "...relatively few users have had a chance to test Vista's security features in the environments where its flaws would be most costly. 'I have a trust-but-verify posture," says Matt Miszewski, chief information officer for the state of Wisconsin, who oversees 64,000 desktop systems. He says it would be a mistake to believe Microsoft has solved all of its security problems.'

Then there's BitLocker: The security component which encrypts the contents of a hard drive so that a stolen laptop can't become a source of pilfered intellectual property. "Erik Schmidt, a technical manager at the University of Florida, which has been evaluating Vista on more than 50 PCs as part of Microsoft's Technology Adoption Program...says BitLocker 'is a very good idea, but it can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.'"

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