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Comment Nuclear space combat? (Score 0) 892

In a combat Obama vs Ahmadinejad, they will be the winners, the losers will be us, they did kill us.

The next could be a combat of Humans vs Aliens.

The next could be a combat of Humans-Aliens-Androids vs Viriirobots/Virurobots.

JCPM: U.S. & Israel seem to be the only countries on the world where the development of weapons & wars are their 1st priority.

Comment Chess-like: ANTI-CAPTCHA vs CAPTCHA. (Score -1) 109

In Machine Learning using non Game-Theory, from most precise to lesser precise strategy:

  1. 1. Recurrent Artificial Neural Network. (hardest to train)
  2. 2. Multilayer Perceptron (for >=4 layers). (harder to train)
  3. 3. Multilayer Perceptron (for =3 layers). (easier to train with the Backpropagation algorithm)
  4. 4. Bayesian Network.
  5. 5. Extended Kalman filter. (easiest to train)

In Machine Learning using Game-Theory, from most precise to lesser precise strategy: i don't know another modern strategies than obsolete Alpha-Beta and Min-Max.

JCPM: almost people wanted that the precision/accuracy error is almost 0 for higher values than 0.

Comment In the space as Fukushima. (Score 0) 82

Viajar en el espacio es como estar a gusto en una sala de Fukushima durante una semana de vacaciones, sí, respirando aire puro y radioactivo.

Y nos habían estado engañando porque con la calefacción convencional en el espacio, son economicamente mucho mas caro y costoso que con una calefacción nuclear.

Y esto no es un sueño de aventura, esto es la dura realidad de viajarse en el espacio, ! como en el interior de Fukushima que casi nadie quiere irse allí dentro !

JCPM: los que habían confirmado que habían recibido dosis de rayos cósmicos son de tonterías, son dosis de la sala de aire neutrónico del reactor radioactivo.

Comment WHAHAHAHAHA!!! (Score 1) 517

They wanted extracting more latter proofs accusing to each accusee without the previous former proofs of the possible deception that they got.

So that, they dislike to follow the legal procedure of "DON'T ACCUSE THEM WITHOUTH PROOFS ON THE HAND".

JCPM: peoples shouldn't fear themselves about those accussers that provoked a generalized PANIC to the slashdot community!

Comment useful for SMS Low-Orbit Canyon DDoS. (Score 1) 215

Each one of the mobil phones will receive an unauthorized hidden 140-byte SMS Javascript message that will used for Distributed Denial of Service against mobil telephone operators as by example, the monopolied ATandT in USofA.

JCPM: useful as screensaver of SMS Low-Orbit Canyon DDoS, and the consumer will be playing gratis to this game Tetris.

Comment In Soviet Rus. LICENSE wastes you! (Score 2) 215

But if they include the LICENSE, it's much bigger than 140 bytes, some as >200 times the size of the program. The LICENSE is the only wasteful thing that did exist on the Earth.

JCPM: to erase the LICENSE and then this program is much smaller, adjusted to 140 bytes, otherwise, it will be lying me.

Comment Re:This toy is a joke for deep space demonstration (Score 1) 65

Brother! Good wasteful job did this man! But it seems a businessman's presentation, or possibly the researching director's or the researcher's, but i don't know exactly it!.

It's another story, but in this age, the jobs are made by anothers, so that businessmen do only buy made things manufactured cheaply by their partners of third companies (e.g. asiatic, chinese, thailandian, philipinan, malaysian, etc. jobs).

And the difference was the wasteful money that they did profit! (good for businessmen & contractors, sometimes not-good for researchers, workers, etc but atleast were sustainable for ther lives).

JCPM: to learn to be lesser wasteful, and it will compensate you, more environment-friendly, more ecologic.

Comment This toy is a joke for deep space demonstration. (Score 0) 65

This demonstration shown by youtube is only partial and for a very shorter period of time because it didn't show us that it did reach to deep space for sensitive demonstration. So it's your insensitive clod.

which are their requirements?:

  1. 1. It requires a plate for launching this flying object.
  2. 2. It requires a full fuel for longer periods of fly or higher altitudes. Chemical fuel could be not enough, so that it could be complemented with radioactive fuel!!!. This propulsion system shown in youtube is a lot more wasteful than a helicopter or balloon for similar functionalities.
  3. 3. It requires an atmosphere of considerable density of gas. No atmosphere implies no fly. Lower density of gas of the atmosphere implies worser altitude-elevation and worser propulsion system (more energy-wasteful).
  4. 4. It requires to be shielded for deep space. The shown movie by youtube is unshielded, so that when it's needed in deep space, it will require much more weight for shielding itself!.
  5. 5. Etcetera.

The Bible is a good book! It's a document almost well (sometimes bad in rare cases) documented of almost full of history (but not all). This book could give us advices, but overall, their prophecies fear you!

JCPM: it's a toy, and very cheap! but little futulity! err, futurity! err, utility!

Comment when the air traffic control is collapsed ... (Score 1) 148

There will be social movements claiming "Cartels of prohibitions of helicopters in this zone" (similar to forbid parking vehicles here but in the sense of to forbid flying here).

When evil governments, local or federal, don't agree them then it could ocurr a scene of helicopters's riots, as using helipcopters as evil weapons or evil tools.

By example, the helicopters could be used for Big Brother, or for being used by traficcers for trafficing drugs, money, tobaccoes, bioweapons, etc without being arrested, or for being used by thieves for assaulting banks, jewelries, or big commercial sites, etc.

Meanwhile, the police officials will be working seat on their office's seats while piloting their GPS-controlled helicopters that could be controlled automatically by central computers of the undergrounds of the federal headquarters (illuminati?, masonry?, zionism?).

The air traffic of helicopters could be collapsed, crashed, etc. and some peoples could claiming money to the securities companies dedicated to this category of aviation. Air control towers will be collapsed due to this excess of air traffic, or jobless.

Worst is the situation when the helicopters (machines) kill peoples (persons). Did you ear Terminator? It's ROBOTs against PEOPLEs.

By example, a police mini-helicopter did shoot a canyon of neutrons to your home's window for scanning your body, and then to kill you! (as in the movie of Eraser of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger patched with an helicopter for its evil police strategy).

It will be a big joke when a police helicopter is prosecuting another criminal-suspected helicopter. This form of prosecution is totally different!. Because 3D gives to the criminal-suspected helicopter one more freedom degree than 2D (the car prosecution is too limited to roads, streets and street-ends). Then for easing the police's prosecution, the US will need another federal law for arming the federal helicopters, it's weaponed helicopters for shooting the criminal-suspected helicopters, and to terminate easily the time of prosecution.

And when the air-helicopters society is spread over all the world similar to as internet, then the U.S. government can intrude easily the incorporation of their UFOcopters (from Area 51 of state Nevada) weared as normal helicopters, as viriicopters or virucopters, and to gain to huge scale advantages at remote distances (trans-trans-trans-oceanic), but by now, then NOT!!!.

Now, told similar to drones as to helicopters.

They wanted it for WARGAMES, i don't like them.

Terrible is the thing when 4 helicopters did come to my home as 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse!!!.

JCPM: i did think twice this concern, and i shouldn't permit to approve a federal law that brings chaos. It seems to be supported acts of jewish zionism for U.S. and subsumited allies.

Comment Broookeeeennn Federal Law! (Score 1) 148

To try daily one into White House or Congress House invading its aerial space and then to be triggered the alarm!.

It's the question, to be fined or not? The cause of all is its broooken federal law!.

JCPM: i told them many times that the lawmakers (politicians) that did break themselves their laws (written by themshelves) must be punished or condemned or fined! It's the thing of a wise mankind.

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