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Comment Re:hahaha! (Score 2) 932

there has been no increase in global temperatures during his entire lifetime.

Please read this Scientific America article, titled "Has Global Warming Paused?": http://www.scientificamerican....
Here is an extract:

'So as a measure of global warming, surface temperatures are not a good yardstick, because the atmosphere can only hold a small percentage of the heat that is trapped, he said.
Rather, the oceans should be the primary barometer of global climate change.
And they are certainly changing. Sea levels are going up "like gangbusters," Willis said'

Comment Re:Duh (Score 2) 818

According to the Democracy Index which attempts to measure the state of democracy in 167 countries, Norway comes up on top as the most democratic country in the world, followed by Sweden, Iceland and Denmark. Australia is in 6th place and the US comes in at 21. North Korea is (no surprise here) at the bottom and Russia was recently downgraded to an authoritarian regime.

Comment Agree (Score 2) 237

I agree. The consequence of odd fonts and excessive padding is less information per page, and you end up scrolling a lot more than with the old design. Another con:
- I find gray text slightly harder to read. Why is text gray and not black? Probably to distinguish a comment from its title which is black.

Comment Re:I wish they'd stop fucking with the layout (Score 1) 153

You do realize that you can close the find bar by pressing the Esc key, and that search next/previous is available as F3/shift-F3 or ctrl-G/shift-ctrl-G. It's a matter of taste, but I think the new search bar is an improvement. And that the find bar is now local for a single tab is more logical, IMHO.

Comment Just my 2 cents. (Score 1) 1191

There are some nice improvements but I prefer to be able to view all recent stories on the main page by scrolling a little bit, which works great with old design because it doesn't have a fixed width. Also I don't like the new fonts because the appear to take more space. And I miss the ability to filter the comments. Previously one could filter to only see, for instance, the insightful comments, or easily decide to view the -1 comments or not. Those controls are no longer available. Please remove the fixed width and bring back the old fonts. And consider making the images on the front page somewhat smaller.

Comment Re:Obvious (Score 1) 238

Sherry piking? Sure, but I was replying to the parent's message "Western European Country with the lowest population density". And yes its hard to make simple comparisons. For instance I think that transportation is just responsible for about 30% of the total energy consumption in the EU, and then one should probably factor in differences in climate and so on.

Comment Re:Obvious (Score 1) 238

You have a point in that Europe has a higher population density than the US, but some European countries are less actually less dens.

Country Density Carbon efficiency
- - - - -
USA 35 pop/km2 1.77 CO2 emissions/$ GDP
Sweden 23 pop/km2 0.7 CO2 emissions/$ GDP
Norway 16 pop/km2 0.74 CO2 emissions/$ GDP

That said Sweden and Norway probably have an advantage in having plenty of waterpower.

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