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Comment Help? (Score 1) 143

I know this might sound absurd, but if we care about the environment and want to make a statement to the world, how about we offer some sort of assistance (not necessarily financial) to Beijing to put them on the right track? All of our complaining and pointing fingers and we don't even care about the lives at stake. They have a problem, we should help them make it better however we can. It's lives as stake here!

Comment Mooo! (Score 2) 412

Well, they are about as useless off-campus as my thrown away bank documents that anyone with a decent brain could turn into money. People have been concerned about this same issue for years with passports--it just takes one terrorist to find out there's an 'american' in the room by scanning... and, well, you know the end of the story.

Comment Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese (Score 1) 514

Without a doubt Spanish and Portuguese (Brazilian) will get you a lot of options. Learning Spanish will make Portuguese a breeze and I have found a wealth of documentation in Portuguese for the development that I do. Spanish is also very useful so it will be a good investment--you can go anywhere and hear it and have the opportunity to speak it. Even if you do not get very far it will still improve your quality of life in the states and your vacations in the Americas. It's so very practical. I'm learning Korean after learning Spanish and am still so very glad to have learned Spanish. Korean will consume the rest of my life and is only useful for a small percentage of the world's population... however, my wife speaks it. Anyone that says you can learn Spanish overnight if you have to has obviously never learned to speak well, nor learned the intricacies of the Subjunctive or Preterite. I worked at a law firm as an interpreter and an interviewee came in and said that he would 'brush up' on his Spanish to help him get the job and I laughed to myself... How are you going to 'brush up' on what takes years to learn to speak competently in a Spanish speaking country? I will brush up on being a surgeon but might remove the wrong body part. People! Have fun with it... and don't make it all about grammar.

Comment Re:The breakup is coming (Score 2) 115

People might also fear that young, impressionable boys, will learn of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and we might get some humans with backbone again. That would cause governments real trouble too. It seems they are afraid of anything that might take away their power, much like the North Korean regime. If it's not from them, created by them, for their purposes, it's evil.

Comment Big Money Wins Again (Score 1) 339

That's 1 point for the RIAA and 0 for human rights. Seriously, I am going to be afraid to even think about listening to music as it might be thoughtcrime. It's just music. We can't even get a murderer locked up for 15 years unless he causes the jury to throw up. America is not the free place it used to be.

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