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Comment Re:Why only one (Score 1) 140

The oft-overlooked part of this is all of the infrastructure needed to manage the sats once in orbit. There are only so many earth stations and only so much TDRSS satellite bandwidth available.

Also, by the time a satellite is finished, technology has usually outpaced the onboard systems and made it illogical to duplicate the original sat.

Comment Re:60% of the earth's surface is water... (Score 2) 99

> When the planet's surface is 60% water the meteors are going to hit water 60% of the time.

Not exactly true. There seems to be a relationship between the fall rate and latitude.

Also, the northern hemisphere has proportionally more land than the southern hemisphere (68% vs 32%), you'd expect about twice as many NH impacts on land than in the SH.

Comment You could make toast with the cable (Score 1) 1

2500 mAh in 15 mins over USB-C? Just accounting for the charge and assuming 100% efficiency, 2500 mAh in 15 mins is an average current of 10 Amps. That's even optimistic given that the charge profile is usually high current at the start and lower current towards the end. USB-C says it maxes out at 3 Amps.

Comment Re:Things that I wish wouldn't keep getting repeat (Score 1) 339

So Potassium is a great example of internal radiation, which is in biological equilibrium with your body almost always.

What really freaks laypeople out is when you tell them that radioactive potassium in their body gives off anti-matter. For the curious, K-40 sometimes decays to Ar-40 by emitting a positron and a neutrino.

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