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Comment Re:Banned vs. Bombed (Score 1) 572

Countries affected by the travel ban:
Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Iran

Countries being bombed by the previous administration:
Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Sudan

People are claiming that the current president does not have the legal authority to ban people from these countries from entering the U.S., but nobody questioned the previous president's legal authority to kill them?

Touché, that is primarily why I find the Progressive's typical position on the matter so hypocritical.

Comment Re:Travel bans are a needed power (Score 1) 572

Constitutional protections only apply to people on U.S. soil.

That would be mostly NO, most of our "Constitutional Rights" are natural rights the Government is specifically prohibited from infringing.

That was the whole point of putting a prison in Guantanamo - it was Cuban soil, not U.S., and thus the prisoners wouldn't have U.S. Constitutional protection.

That's what hey said but it was mostly to make access to the detainees difficult.

Comment Re:Does this predict ruling? (Score 1) 572

as opposed to leaving it to states where everyone from the cops to the judges to the juries were inclined to let the "good ol' boys" that burned black churches to the ground lynched some poor black fellow looking at a white women get away with it.

now just substitute "Coptic Christians" for "blacks in the southern states", "Muslims" for "good ol' boys" and "predominately Muslim Countries" for "sates"

as opposed to leaving it to "predominately Muslim Countries" where everyone from the cops to the judges to the juries were inclined to let the "Muslims" that burned Coptic Christians churches to the ground and lynched some poor Coptic Christians fellows.

and the hypocrisy become obvious.

Comment Re:Does this predict ruling? (Score 1) 572

The first ban did have a problem in the exception it provided for persecuted religious minorities from those nations made it a defacto ban on the religion from those countries.

So if the Muslims commit Genocide against an ethnic minority who are predominately Coptic Christians, we can't help them because they have a religion?

Comment Re:The working Poor of California. (Score 1) 304

Modular can mean anything from a double-wide to a two story colonial set on permanent foundations. Now are the really cheaper, mine came in $20,00 a square foot less than my neighbors and would have been even more if the inspectors hadn't been screwing us at every opportunity. They also go up faster, but not as fast as you would imagine. Electrical is a matter of plugging in connector and it's fast, plumbing takes as long or longer than stick built and the 80/20 rule still applies, the last 205 of the work takes 80% of the time.

Comment Re:Global warming makes ice! (Score 1) 155

It totally makes sense that as the ice is reduced and thins, it will break apart more and start moving around.>

Barber and the scientists were still on the Amundsen, the ice breaker was tasked with rescuing fishers on four fishing vessels from La Scie Harbour that were stuck in sea ice off Newfoundland's Baie Verte Peninsula.

But, within sight of the boats, the Amundsen was called off from helping after it was discovered the ice was two metres thick - too strong for it to get through. U of M climate change study postponed due to climate change

2 meters boy that's some thick ass ice multi-year ice

Comment Re:A Red is Wind Blowing (Score 1) 179

In an analysis done by the English physicist David McKay, he goes into some detail about how the US is one of a very few countries where solar and wind could provide 100% it its energy needs keeping the current standard of living. This is based purely on available energy in the environment and ignores everything else.

Feel free to point out errors in the analysis.

Does he mean ignoring things like chopping up endangered species of birds and bats, destroying delicate desert habitats and such?

Comment Re:What happens when you eliminate subsidies? (Score 1) 179

Wind and solar have already become cheaper than coal and gas without subsidies. Renewables have already won.

Then why are we seeing things like this?

“TransAlta is very interested in repowering this site. Unfortunately, right now, it’s not economically feasible, ... We’re anxiously waiting to see what incentives might come from our new government. . . . Alberta is an open market and the wholesale price when it’s windy is quite low, so there’s just not the return on investment in today’s situation. So, if there is an incentive, we’d jump all over that” Wayne Oliver, operations supervisor for TransAlta’s wind operations in Pincher Creek and Fort Macleod, Oldest commercial wind farm in Canada headed for scrapyard after 23 years

We see it because wind energy is so cheap they can't make a profit, and cover depreciation and replacement costs at he same time!

In short renewable energy isn't economically sustainable.

Comment Re: Sold! (Score 2) 116

The way it usually works is the Farmer or Crop Production Services company sprays the field with glyphosate, which kills everything, especially the weeds. 2 weeks later the land is tilled, just enough to plant, then the field is planted. After about 2 weeks the crop had germinated, and they spray the field with a Pre-emergent herbicide so any weed seed that have not germinated are prevented from germinating; leaving the field almost weed free until after harvest.. Now little Suzie can eat without going into anaphylaxis due to being allergic to weeds in her food.

Now for the heresy, weeds are usually good for a garden, their roots instinctively go deep, breaking through hard-pan that crop plants can't and they draw up minerals and moisture from deeper in the ground. Let them grow until just before they flower and cut them down and leave them residue on the ground as mulch.

Comment Re:CO2 is a global problem, not a city problem (Score 1) 190

CO2 is a global problem, not a city problem. There is no reason to locate CO2 consuming moss in any particular location, so it should be where it grows best, which is likely not downtown. This is obvious public "art" to make a statement, and not a serious attempt to mitigate AGW. Anyway, it does look cool.

This is just some slick Grifters trying to suck up some U$25,000.00 from the City rubes to grow some moss. That shit grows all over the place out in the forests, only some stupid assed City-boys would fall for a con job like that!

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