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Comment Re:Oh, really? (Score 1) 1255

sending your kid to public school won't be great, but if everyone did it would help a lot

I doubt it, schools* have gotten too in grained into the reducing everyone to the most common denominator mindset. *By schools I mean enough of the teachers and administrators too wear-down the majority that would do their jobs properly.

Comment Re: Uhg, not Cass Sunstein (Score 1) 530

Skeptical Science, please lets be serious. The truth is that the data sets shows a definate downtrend, its not statisticaly significant but its there;
    RSS: -0.04K,
  GISS: shows a -0.06 trend,
  HadCRUt4: -0.07K
  NCDC: -0.04K,
  UAH: +0.00K.
  All data sets show the current temperature are below well model predictions. If the climate is going to get back on the predicted warming trend line, its going to take some spectacular temperaure increases.

Comment Re: I never understood the principle. (Score 1) 454

We had micro-nuc's like the W48 for the 155mm howitzer had an explosive yield equivalent to 72 tons of TNT (0.072 kiloton). The Tactical Atomic Demolition Munition had a yield of 0.5 KT. All of the sub-KT devices have been removed from service. As far as precision, when a warhead flies halfway around the world and explodes over its target travelling at over 15,000MPH with a Circular Error Probability of 300m, I'd say that was plenty accurate.

Comment Re:article is bullshit (Score 1) 743

Odd it seems the Director of the NSA has the same password as the combination on my luggage,1234, or is it the same 7777 that activated all of the Air Forces Nuclear bombs I can't remember. One would think that the NSA would have a login lockout mechanism that would prevent people from accessing the system at unauthorised times and locations, so that people like Snowden wouldn't be able to use logins of other people without a bunch of visiable hoops to jump through

Comment Re:1st (Score 1) 918

We don't consider WP a chemical weapon, but an obscurant smoke device, the Russians consider it and all smoke chemical weapons. Now I realise that WP has some pretty devistating effect on human flesh as does other flame weapons like napalm. Interestingly the obscurant power of WP is primarily in the visual light spectrum, and it is difficunt to handle because the white phosphure has a low melting point and if the rounds aren't kept upright they will become unballanced and fly erratically. For these reasons WP is being replaced with red phosphorus which is easier to handle and has better obscurant properties in the IR spectrum, WP was only being used on an existing stock basis when I retired back in 1997, I doubt there is any left that hasn't expired.

Comment Re:$20,000 hammer (Score 1) 301

Another point people don't realize is that it's expensive to price out each part of an end item, and most contracts have a specification that the total price of all the parts may not exceed a certain percentage of the total cost. This leads to the condition where the public outcry over a $5,000.00 hammer that will never be purchased separately is adjusted back to a more reasonable level is done, the cost of parts that will be purchased rise accordingly.

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