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Comment Re: This just in (Score 1) 190

I think water vapor is excluded because its effects are transient as the amount of water vapor itself fluctuates a lot.

I think they exclude the Primary Greenhouse Gas for planet Earth, because it is entirely natural and uncontrollable by the Globalists who are trying to use the "White Man's Burden" to shame us into giving the UN Green Fund a U$ 100 Billion a year.

Comment Re:Fuck off america (Score 1) 1109

The notion of listening to "international courts" is a slippery slope. Is some 3rd world country going to sue for one hundred trillion dollars and get it - maybe. Politics can drive such absurdities. However I think much of the US will say come and try and take it.

I agree, One needs to be careful when the cost of your existence far exceeds the cost of your elimination. I've often wondered why patent trolls don't end up in body bags.

Comment Re:Fuck off america (Score 0) 1109

Clinton is the most corrupt person to have ever ran for president, and probably the only person who is a bigger narcissist than Trump. Sanders is too socialist to be elected and was totally eviscerated by his own party. Likewise Stein is too socialist to be elected, but to her credit she's unapologeticly socialist. Johnson might have been interesting if he laid off the pot enough to sound like he wasn't a total High-on.
That pretty much leaves us with Trump.

Comment Re:Fuck off america (Score 1) 1109

All Trump is managing to do is alienate our allies. If he is dismantling anything it is America. The rest of the world, which is 96 % of the world's population will go on without us if necessary.

1. It doesn't matter what the US does to reduce it's CO2 emissions as long as China increases twice as much as we reduce.
2. The US is reducing it's CO2 emissions and we're on a continuing downward trend even without the Self-flagellation the Paris Discord would require of us.
3. The Paris Discord has no verification process, so at best it'll be a lier's club.
4. Most of the "Allies" we are managing to do is alienate, have been alienating us pretty well over the last few decades.
5. If the rest of the world thinks it can go on without the U$ 100 Billion a year to the UN Green Climate Fund, then have at it.I see no reason to fund African Dictator’s pensions anyway.
6. At best the Paris Discord would have stopped the average global temp from going up 0.2K and that would have mostly been due to decreased night time cooling, not increased day time warming. Measurement error is bigger than 0.2K!

Comment Re:Who has money on his resignation / impeachment? (Score 1) 737

not being a part of a treaty is not "explicitly trying to destroy the planet" i mean you hear yourself???

Treaty, what treaty, there never was any treaty; a proposed treaty have to be ratified by the Senate. The best you can say about the Paris Accord is it was an agreement with the then POTUS, who is no longer the POTUS.

Comment Re:Sanctions (Score 1) 737

second largest polluter in the world, and the largest per capita


Not that hard to find.

Those graphs only show CO2 emissions, the, the grownups were talking about pollution. In China there are cities where people wear gas masks (no not surgical masks either) outside because the photochemical smog and ozone is so bad.

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