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Comment What about Google driverless car? (Score 1, Insightful) 603

The worst part is that Google wants to build a driverless car. Flight pilots have been trained to react to emergencies in a calm manner and they have time to do so while in air. Neither is true for cars. People will panic when something goes wrong, and there won't be any time to react to them. Your life (and others life) will be completely dependent on the AI, and lets face it, there will be bugs.. Google isn't exactly known for bug free products. Hell, even NASA has bugs and they use billions so that there wouldn't be any. I just think it's a really bad idea and Google is being irresponsible and malicious with such project. Of course they will also hide some "we are not responsible for accidents in any way" under some clause. Let me just say that somewhere in the future we will be hearing how Google killed some innocent people and children.

Comment Re:That'll be a hit with Anon (Score 1, Informative) 254

DDOSing can be easily separated from actual attacks do nothing to "evaluate responses and defenses". It's only a nuisance and does nothing else than overload the systems or bandwidth. It does absolutely nothing to hide traces or provide information about security vulnerabilities.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 0, Troll) 518

Why do you think free speech is good for the humankind, overally? There are many issues with it too, just like there is with true democracy. Most countries in the world aren't even democracy, they're republic, just for the reason that true democracy would make things worse. For example, majority would really trump on some minority and would likely even attempt to make law to kill them.

Comment Re:It's a big deal (Score 1) 518

I swear to you I could do better than Kim Jong Il. I would start by allowing free speech, criticism of the government. That alone would make me a better leader.

Yes, true armchair general here. Do you really think it would do good to make such radical change? Hell, it doesn't even work for China. The people won't accept that change.

Good example is Thailand where it's unlawful to call the king with names. This while in fact the king himself has said that people should be able to do so and they should be allowed to criticize him. But the people love him and just won't allow that law to be taken off. They want punishment for people who do so, even while the king himself doesn't.

You really need to think effects such actions would do. It seriously isn't just as straightforward as "there you go, free speech to all".

Comment Re:It's a big deal (Score -1, Troll) 518

What was so wrong with him? He tried to improve his country and sometimes did so too. If you have had a closer look at North Korea you'd know that they aren't technologically so much behind. They even have a huge intranet in the country. He maintained good relations to China and Russia. You just hate him because you're from US.

He wasn't even leading the country for that long, and it was in poor state before his leadership.

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