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Comment Re:MicroAppleSoft (Score 1) 247

Irrelevant. It doesn't matter where its handled, a finger is fat and imprecise while a mouse cursor is typically very finely positioned.

It is anything BUT irrelevant. It is the essence of the matter.

In case you hadn't noticed, decent modern cell phones are very consistent about where that "point" is, in relation to where you put your finger.

This is not a problem with the UI: the only problem is you getting used to it. It is as precise as a desktop with a mouse, given how finely you can move your finger. Any difficulty there (again, with a decent modern phone) is YOURS, not theirs.

Open up your favorite word processor. Type in some characters. Hit the zoom button. You notice how the font size physically changes on the screen but the point size is the same? Yeah. That.

You are on an old system, aren't you?

This is irrelevant to the point. X pixels are supposed to be X times 1/72 inch. PERIOD. If that's not what you're getting, you bought from the wrong company.

But lets assume Apple has implemented perfect font scaling so that when you set your system font to 8pt is exactly 1/9" on both the phone and the desktop. So that same font is taking around 2% of your (vertical) lines on a 5.5" phone while only taking ~0.46% of your 24" monitor.

Straw-man argument. Your original argument was that 8pt was "too small" on some devices (proven false). Now you move the goalposts to some other personal bitch that you have.

Which ends up amounting to the pretty much the exact same problem just coming at it from the other direction -- you have to adjust to fit more information on the larger screen at the same font size (in points) rather than having to fit less on the smaller screen with a larger font size (in pixels.)

Nope. Nothing of the sort. It just means you don't know how to use your equipment. Pardon me if I am not particularly sympathetic.

Comment Re:Iridium? (Score 1) 105

Iridium did not really meet its initial spectacular (for the time) objectives.

But it was still a success, in more limited roles.

The new Iridium satellites should not only exceed the initial project goals, but (with more recent technology) do what it was originally designed to do, but much better. (The latter of course depends on what the commercial contracts say.)

Comment Re:Context would be useful (Score 3, Insightful) 210

You have the basic idea right, but the motivations wrong.

This isn't intended to make people "forget their internal divisions". On the contrary, it is supposed to stimulate and create division.

A divided people is easier to "unite" under a common rule. (In the case of CoR, meaning rule of a select pre-chosen few.)

Get the picture?

Just look at the artificial divisions that have been introduced in the last 9 years or so (coincidentally REALLY ramping up at about the time Obama was elected): the most racial division (at least in U.S) in many decades, up to and including calls for white genocide; the most division by sex; nearly unrestrained, unwanted immigration; more politically-motivated shootings; "climate change", Antifa (which is really anything but), etc., etc.

Comment Re:MicroAppleSoft (Score 1) 247

The primary issue is that a mouse pointer is small and fairly accurate while a finger is relatively fat and imprecise.

I would dispute that. On both desktop and touch screens the pointer position is handled by hardware + firmware, not the app. Also, Apple has already done a good job of managing to scale controls on different display sizes in a way that works appropriately (e.g., on a 24" 1080p or a 27" 'retina' 5K monitor you get controls about the same size). Further, if you hadn't noticed, iPhones now sport screens with much higher resolutions than desktop screens from just a few years ago. These "retina" screens, again, handle automatic interface scaling quite well, versus the older iPhones with lower pixel count... controls are about the same size.

Also, mice pretty much universally have at least 2 buttons that you can take advantage of (and often 3 or more plus a scroll wheel) whereas a finger is just a finger.

That much is true.

An 8pt font on a 25" monitor is barely legible. An 8pt font on a 5.5" phone screen is a dot.

No, that's not true. A point is a fixed unit of size on paper or screen, and has to be compensated for with different screen resolutions. A U.S. point is 1/72 inch and in UK it's 0.3528 mm. An 8 point font on a desktop and on a phone screen -- no matter the pixel resolution of either -- should be 1/9 inch.

Comment Re: Breach of Trust (A wound that doesn't heal.) (Score 1) 66

That isn't the problem. And it isn't why customers have been leaving in droves.

The problem is that rather than taking that percentage out of the received money, the plan (now retracted, I understand) was to tack an additional 5% on to what people donate.

If that needs explanation, the old scheme was: if you give $100, the recipient received $100 - (Patreon's % + $0.35).

In the new scheme they brought out, if you gave $100, you, not the recipient, would be charged $100 + (Patreon % + $0.35)

Almost nobody liked the idea. Neither the people with Patreons, or the people who paid.

Comment Re:And they supposedly support "net neutrality"?! (Score 1) 261

Not even close. Spencer's "alt-right" is completely separate and distinct from the populist Alt-Right, which is a populist movement started as a consequence of GamerGate and certain other similar occurrences.

They have nothing at all to do with one another. Completely separate things. The vast majority of "alt right" belongs to the populist group, and they hate Neo-Nazis just as much as anyone else.

Comment Re:And they supposedly support "net neutrality"?! (Score 1) 261

Utter nonsense. He didn't misunderstand, he got it quite right.

The term "snowflake" is used by a great many people, only a small minority of whom are "nutcases".

But for the most part it has been used in a certain context by people of the political Right, and in fact it can be quite amusing to see people on the Left trying to use it properly, and as often as not failing hilariously.

Keep trying. You might get it right one of these days.

Comment Re:Space is fake. Earth is flat. Eclipses prove it (Score 1) 314

1 - The sunlight DOES pass through more atmosphere in the summer. Take some geometry classes.

2 - If your hard drive is vibrating that badly, something is out of balance. The rest of your assumptions and innuendo in that section are not relevant.

3 - Your playing with gyroscopes isn't the same as a planet in orbit, or pretty much anything in orbit, but I'm not going to take the time to educate you on this especially since you put it in a section that supposed to be on eclipses.

4 - You've never been to a Solar Observatory either I see. No, the Corona never moves faster than the speed of light, any movement of portions of the suns Corona is SIGNIFICANTLY BELOW the speed of light. How the heck do you think we can identify when a Coronal discharge will hit earth by observation? We don't some kind of sci-fi superluminal telescopes!
And no, the sun and the moon are in no way the same size. Parallax measurements have verified that without any doubt by anyone who knows at least high school level math/geometry/physics.
There are NO observatories on the dark side of the moon (it's not dark because there's no light, it's "dark" because it can't be seen from Earth), though we have had probes and manned missions orbit the moon and send back the pictures of it. Now if you mean we can see protuberances of the solar corona beyond the edges of the moon during a full solar eclipse, well that is correct! That's because the moon isn't completely smooth, the disk of the sun is far enough away that it can be completely blocked by the moon, but it's atmosphere, the corona, is large enough to peek out from behind it like a guy with a beer belly turning sideways to hide behind a tree that's not wide enough. As to it not being smooth either, well duh! The sun was once thought to be a perfect structure of divine essence, then we developed methods to see past it's bright glare and learn the truth. It's a seething turbulent mass. So of course the corona isn't some nice smooth thing. Heck, it's magnetic field has enough loops and twists it could be the manifestation of a knitters nightmare! And with the corona being plasma, it's able to be manipulated by those magnetic fields. Anyway, this is more time trying to educate a willfully ignorant fool that I should be spending. NEXT!

5 - Wow, more eclipses huh? Neither the Earth nor Luna are perfect spheres, not even close, or hadn't you noticed the mountains and other such discrepancies?
Color changes are due to the passing of the light through the EARTHS atmosphere as well as the particles in it. At different angles you get different frequencies due to the scattering. Sorry the cameras used by the filmer suck worse than human eyes which are easily fooled by changing light levels.
Sorry you don't understand how when circling another object an object has to rotate to maintain facing that same object, so yeah, the moon has rotation, stop being so ignorant. In fact, the rotation doesn't keep it exactly facing the earth because the orbit isn't perfectly circular, though it is still orbit locked. (Look up orbit locked if you still don't get that the moon is rotating, or go to an FPS forum and ask about circle strafing which is the same basic idea.) Because of this slight mismatch we can actually see about 59% of the total surface of the moon with the naked eye over the period of an orbit. That time is almost a month, or a bit more accurately, is a lunar month. If you want more accuracy than that, grab an encyclopedia, you need to read a set badly.
Craters do tend to be round, just look at the ones on the Earth made by meteorites, and even the artificial ones we made by slamming high speed objects into the ground, accidentally and intentionally. The only time they aren't "round" is when they are more oval and stretched out in one axis. Those are caused by things hitting at a more horizontal angle, and yes, they exist on the moon too, but do to the way orbital mechanics, gravity, and the resultant impacts end up working out, they rarely strike at that kind of angle.
The moon is reflected light, it definitely doesn't glow on it's own. Otherwise the moon would always be a full moon. If you want to claim that because you can faintly see the moon when it's dark, that means it makes it's own light, you are even dumber than I imagined. Go out at night far away from any lights when there's no moon. It's not totally pitch black and you can still faintly see your way around. There is no place in the universe that's not enclosed in a completely opaque object that is completely dark. There's starlight everywhere, even during the day, though the sun overwhelms it and we can't sense it then, it's still there. We've also had probes and people on the moon, and you can bet they'd have noticed if the dust started glowing. For that matter, we've measured the light levels, and they perfectly match the reflected light of the sun both in intensity and composition.

6 - I feel I should directly and personally insult you and your lack of intelligence, but you are yourself an insult to the entire human race. Do the rest of us a favor, and stop stealing oxygen.

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