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Comment Re:Not really a news story (Score 1) 334

Where I live, non-compete agreement are valid only if there is some kind of compensation.
Because this compensation is there to make up for the potential loss of not being able to work for competitors, it can be quite high. Like getting full pay for several years after termination of contract.
Of course, this is rarely mentionned except for the most sensitive jobs. Meaning that non-compete clauses are usually (but not always) meaningless.

Comment The correct password wasn't 123456 ! (Score 1) 184

Here is what most probably happened (investigation is underway, so we can't be sure) :
In fact the guy entered a wrong password and wasn't given access to anything.
However his action triggered an intrusion alert and as a result the system was shut down for two days as a safety measure. Time to understand what happened.

Moreover, only an outsourced call center was shut down.

Source (in French) :

Comment Re:FLAC (Score 1) 361

Properly mastered CDs are "perfect". Unlike vinyls, they exceed the capabilities of human hearing in both frequency and dynamic range (
Of course, FLAC, being a lossless format, is just as good. And I also bet that very few people, if any, can distinguish between a properly encoded >192kbps MP3 and the original recording.
So unless you are a dog, there is no problem with what we have now.

Note : Studios tend to use higher than CD quality material but it is primarily to make editing more convenient.
Note 2 : Properly is the key word here. Loudness war CDs are highly distorted and some encoders are so bad it is possible to identify them just by listening to the result.

Comment Re:Criminally Insane (Score 1) 135

TFA part 2 :

The author suggests to ditch the STL in favor of "intrusive lists". In intrusive lists the links are part of the data structure. It breaks the data/container separation but provides many benefits in term of performance and reliability.

Comment Re:For those of you that claim comments are useles (Score 1) 472

It is very difficult to write "self-documenting" code in assembler. Most variables are not even named (registers).
Also, people usually do assembler for a reason, either it is for heavy optimization or direct hardware access. In both case there is usually a lot of things behind the code that is not visible. For example situations where there is a good reason for doing b+a instead of a+b are much more common in assembler than in high level languages.

Comment Re:Not defending them, (Score 1) 294

Your story is just about a clueless salesman.
The problem is not that he did price discimination, it is that he did it wrong. And I wouldn't be surprised if this story was just a cautionary tale.

In some contexts, such as bazaars, bargaining and thus price discrimination is part of the culture. Yield managment, another form of price discrimination commonly used with plane tickets, also seem to be well accepted.

Comment Re:CRC (Score 1) 440

With a UNIX shell :

find . -type f -exec md5sum '{}' ';' > md5_list
perl -e 'while (<>) { /(\w+)/; push @{$d{$1}}, $_; } for (values %d) { print @{$_} if (@{$_} > 1); }' < md5_list

First command makes a list of all files with their MD5 checksum. With 4.9 TB of data, il will probably take a full day to complete but it is completely unattended and you only have to do it once.
The second command lists all duplicates and is much faster.

Comment Re:We invented the flying car decades ago. (Score 1) 317

The flying part is not really a problem. Most people can fly small aircraft after and with mass production techniques, they can be cheap.
The problem is making small aircraft as convenient as cars. It means being able to reach most places without needing an additional mean of transportation and travel in most whether conditions.
Also, talking about flying cars usually implies that a significant part of the population have one. It implies very crowded airspaces that current rules and training can't accommodate. Wake turbulence may become a problem too.

Comment Re:Let me know how that works out for you .... (Score 1) 673

He is talking about upgrading, nor repairing.
And usually, upgrading a CPU is not a good idea. It is often closely tied to the RAM and Motherboard and even if you find a compatible CPU, if will probably not perform to its full potential, being limited by the chipset and RAM. Also, your old CPU will certainly become useless, whereas the combo CPU+RAM+Motherboard is easier to reuse.

Comment Do you want thrill or confort ? (Score 1) 382

If you miss the high class, comfortable way of flying, just go first class. It won't change the fact that flying is now mainstream but at least the on-board service won't be that of a "flying bus".
If you miss the thrill of early flying try to make a trip in a small aircraft like a cessna. Not very comfortable but it is certainly a thrill. No airport security, no luggage check, it's just you and the pilot.

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