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Comment Re:Let the lawsuits begin.. (Score 1) 303

- Because it is too big.
- Because it is more expensive
- Magnets are not without problems. I often carry my phone next to my credit card and the magnets in the mag-safe port are strong enough to erase the magnetic strip.
- A phone (or ipod nano !) is much lighter than a laptop. The benefit of having a connector that snaps off when pulled accidentally is greatly reduced. Either the connector will be too weak to hold well in normal situations or it wont prevent the device from falling.

They just need to support the connector properly and it won't break. Because it contains no moving parts, the micro-usb connector can be made pretty sturdy.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 266

There is certainly a higher risk than usual but these monitors are nearly half price.
So even if you break one monitor and have to buy another one, it is just like paying full price.

If you don't want to take risks (even if the expected value is positive) you can probably buy extra insurance.

Comment Re:So, always on DRM? (Score 4, Insightful) 184

The key here is "all the paid content". And I believe it actually means "all the paid content purchased on the official Ouya store". If the device is rootable, nothing prevent developers from making an alternate store that doesn't require authentication.

I think they will use the same strategy as the android market. There is a licensing API but it is up to the developer to chose how to use it : it can be never, once, or every time the app is started, it also support a (configurable) grace period in case you are not always online.

Comment Re:Liability (Score 1) 625

Because there is no air there is no reason for a storm to happen if some material is removed.
A projectile will just be like a bullet fired at a static target. Damage will be done but unless some vital component is affected the train will continue to run. Of course because of the speed, even a small particle will have a lot of kinetic energy but that's all.
As for your millimeter high bump, if there is sufficient shielding it will probably just do some minor damage before being leveled by the passing train.

Comment Re:really?? (Score 1) 1134

In fact the CLI is easier to understand than GUIs for all tasks that are not graphical in nature.
If you think of it, it is just like chatting with you computer : you ask for something, your computer answers. There is a single point of input and a single point of output : no need to look for menus, icons, etc...
It may not be the most efficient way to deal with common actions, especially on mobile apps, and is isn't very sexy but it is easy.

I think that the reason why people think that the CLI is complicated is that most of the time it is used to do complicated things. If such things were integrated into a GUI, it would likely require some even more intricate path of action.

Comment Re:Ugh, this makes me mad. (Score 1) 581

This is correct but only if said developers are available.
Writing and maintaining a driver requires time and/or money. And people, especially skilled programmers, won't do it without some kind of compensation. Sometimes it is just some computer geek/hacker that wants his hardware to work but most of the time drivers are written by employees paid by a company that expect a return on investment.
And of course, the companies that benefits the most from linux drivers are the hardware manufacturers themselves. And if they release their specs but don't contribute to the driver itself, chances is that we won't see a good driver anytime soon. Also keep in mind that spec are not perfect, there may be some undocumented features and limitations that are much easier to address if the hardware guys are just next door.

Comment Re:Occam's razor (Score 1) 154

In fact "too stupid" requires less variables because stupid people losing keys are commonly observed, so this hypothesis requires no change to our current understanding of the universe.
OTOH, the "parallel universe" hypothesis asks a lot of questions, like how do object vanish, does it apply only to keys, is there a relationship with socks, etc... Each one introduces new variables.

Comment Re:After RAGE (Score 1) 118

For the game part :
- An ending bad enough to ruin any game SPOILER : you kill the last wave of standard enemies and bam, the end. No boss fight, no plot twist, no answers given, nothing. IMHO it is unforgivable.
- No deathmath, limited modding potential. Used to be the best part of id games, now all we have are a limited coop mode and multiplayer car game.
Otherwise, while the main game is not the absolute best I ever played, I found it quite fun for the ~15h it lasted.

For the engine part :
- Low texture resolution, even with the last patch + texture popping
- Completely static world : almost no destructible scenery and dynamic lighting
I found this engine quite impressive but a bit immature. I feel that it sacrificed everything to frame rate and non-repeating textures. Where are the dynamic environment and kickass lighting effects that other games like BF3 have ? It looks like some high end GPUs are sleeping.

PS : I still love id Software ;)

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