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Comment Re:Disagree (Score 1) 480

I should have known "short and sweet" wouldn't fly here. :) Mostly everyone else has covered all the bases already, but I'll go ahead and give a quick clarified summary of my take on the situation. Linus chose the right license, which he combined with a good attitude, approach, and energy to create a strong community.

Comment Re:Many cars have engines that are very quiet... (Score 1) 392

I couldn't agree more! Many times people have said they couldn't even tell my car was running. Lots of semi-recent vehicles are the same way. These days the road noise from the tires is generally louder than the sound coming from the engine (in most situations where pedestrians would be involved). I'm really getting tired of hearing how electric cars are somehow dangerous in this respect. All electric vehicles I've seen make a pretty distinct electric whine sound too, but maybe I'm just more sensitive to high pitched noises than most people.

Comment Re:I blame shows like Mythbusters (Score 1) 373

You both have valid points. I do think it's worth noting that a lot of people who watch Mythbusters now think they know a lot more than they actually do. It's been a long time since I've watched it, but they probably really should emphasize more that what they're doing is more entertainment than it is science.

Comment Re:They may have dropped the $5 fee (Score 1) 667

I think the vast majority of OWS people just want a job and for the big businesses to be required to play fair. Go ahead and make assumptions though. Everything is just fine here. Nothing at all to be upset about. All the people I know with advanced technical degrees that can't find real work are just insane too. It's all their fault they picked a technical field that _was_ booming to get a degree in, and then economy tanked. The list of injustices goes on and on too, but feel free to keep pretending and ignoring reality.

Comment Re:they ignore us. (Score 1) 920

Calling people smelly just because they like drum circles sounds like misplaced anger to me. Take a look at the goals at because it's a start. Other branches have stated goals and are working that stuff out too. When things are as bad as we've allowed them to get, it's hard to know where to start. As far as I know the Tea Party groups had some pretty specific goals and they didn't manage to achieve them, but they didn't receive the quick level of support OWS has. After two nights of unlawful arrests the ACLU managed to help Occupy Nashville get a restraining order to keep the police away, and they've kept things peaceful thus far. That sounds like a big win to me and hopefully will set a precedence for others to follow. I don't think there's much they can do either, but at least they're trying. I'm not ready to give up on what this country is supposed to be about! It sounds like today might end up in the history books too.

Comment Re:they ignore us. (Score 1) 920

Wow. That's a lot of misplaced anger you've got there. Do you honestly think there's any difference between the Democrat and Republican parties at this point? I'd like to see the finger pointing and blame games stop, so we can come up with some real solutions to our problems!

Do you have a rational explanation for why we bailed out the banks, given their profits are up 74% this year? How about for why they paid absolutely nothing in corporate taxes? Oh, those poor things, the government made them give out a bunch of loans they shouldn't have. Yeah right! They could have fought that if they wanted, but they chose not to, because they knew they could profit _yet again_ at our expense. How many more bubbles have to burst before people wake up and smell what we've been shoveling?

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