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Comment Re:Brake override is built-in already ... (Score 1) 911

My 72 Buick had an acorn shell by the carb so after you accelerated it held the throttle open. It was a little scary at first when I sped up to 35 mph quickly and it didn't stop accelerating. I simply put it in neutral. I found I could actually drive by shifting from neutral to drive and back again. A cop couldn't figure this out? I was only 18, but then I knew how to drive a car. I now drive a 2007 Acura TL which can easily be shifted into neutral while driving and it even state that IN THE OWNER'S MANUAL. I highly doubt the cop read his owners manual because that is not what cops do. Also, my floor mats are held in place by special hooks. (The acorn shells were from squirrels trying to keep warm. I kept the shell as a memento for years until it disintegrated)

Comment Find a lawyer who will take the case and sue them (Score 1) 714

I set my phone to record audio when I am at an interview. I have not caught anything worth a lawsuit yet, but they say all sorts of crazy illegal shit. Someday I'll have the balls to set it for video and place it on the table pointing at them. I get cocky at interviews considering I already have a great job so it is more like I am interviewing them.

Comment Out of the frying pan (Score 2) 126

As if it isn't bad enough that an RDP worm is already spreading due to weak passwords. If users/admins are incompetent enough to use passwords fit for luggage you can only guess how many unprotected Internet facing RDP servers will be ravaged within the next few weeks. Don't get me wrong. I have seen situations that actually call for an Internet facing RDP, such as screaming sales execs behind third party firewalls that block egress GRE, 443, and 22, with the variety of IP addresses causing admins to play wack-a-mole in Webmin to allow individual IPs, but these admins have already patched. If a rogue Fawkes writes a worm for a Massive DDoS or particularly nasty payloads many of us will suffer. An exam should be required to run these services and it should be harder to get than a drivers license. Am I ranting?

Comment Google should evaluate the routes (Score 1) 187

Funny this story should pop up today. I tried to take the bus yesterday. I was very impressed with the technology Google provided. Step by step and door to door instructions with timelines, bus times, bus numbers, and costs were incredibly accurate. It had me walk 6 miles, take a bus 4 miles, and then walk another mile all for a 4.1 mile trip. Cost by bus = $3.50. Cost by car = $2.85. I planned on walking but I ended up getting a ride. Too bad public transportation is such bullshit. If they would trash the Sprinter (train in San Diego) and make it a bike path I would ride my bike everywhere. Maybe start a rickshaw service. The streets are not a safe place to ride a bike. Google should evaluate the routes instead of reporting how badly they are planned.

Comment Re:Already implemented here (Score 2) 299

Where do you see these 10 seconds ahead of an intersection? I only see them at the intersection. If these where put further away a simple computer would be able to evaluate the quantity of traffic in every direction and change the signal accordingly. As I see it now, I must pull up and stop at an intersection before I am detected.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 2) 206

Yeah, but we are just monkeys. Just because some people have the ability to do what they think is right has no bearing on what most people actually do. Plus, what people think is right is subjective. Do you live alone on an island, in a vacuum? I've read excellent arguments stating that rape is not a bad thing. Cite empathy and destructive repercussions all you like, but rape may have saved the human race from extinction. Good, evil, whatever... It is all subjective.

Comment Re:To Tape... (Score 2) 403

Yes, but I'm not interested in cheaper and faster. I want lightweight portability, reliability, and drop-ability. When I throw a few tapes in tupperware to be picked up I am fairly certain those tapes will survive the trip to and from the storage facility driven by who-knows-where-they-found-this-guy. I can effortlessly take a few home. HDD and SSD are too sensitive and too heavy. Sure they are easy to test because they are so fast and have huge capacity, and it is definitely time to move on, and I should, as the benefits of disks far outweigh the portability of tapes, but I dread the day when I have to drag a few hard disks around, or even have to carry a box of them. I have boxes of hard disks and they are really fucking heavy.

Comment Re:Usefulness (Score 2) 244

OP is concerned about automated lists not harvested lists. NDRs for spammers would create backscatter as the originating addresses are usually spoofed. Also, spammers DO spam random email addresses and they are using zombies so their resources are huge. I see terminated sessions in my logs everyday for addresses like a@, b@, c@, web@ user@, tech@, etc from zombified systems. Thankfully some ISPs egress filter destination port 25, even though I disagree on principal.

Comment Usefulness (Score 5, Informative) 244

Not even a 550 SMTP session will get you off most mailing lists because, even if it is a legitimate list, the marketers are too aggressive to care. Also, a NDR after a successful session will likely go to either an unmonitored mailbox, a hapless user who won't understand it, or null. Weed through some email logs and you'll see. I see some lists that have been emailing the same address for ten years and I always disconnect with a 550. That said, try Pegasus Mail. I find that it does almost anything.

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