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Comment Re:End of tablets? Not likely (Score 1) 564

This really hasn't caught on in the main stream. If anything it's mostly the laptop manufacturers struggling to stay relevant with gimmicks. For business purposes even those tablet/laptop hybrids really aren't that useful. Hell even for school when I lugged a laptop to class I'd still prefer a more durable laptop than these gimmicky looking laptop/tablet cases.

Comment Re:I agree (Score 5, Interesting) 564

This isn't even remotely the same and you damn well know it. Horse drawn buggies existed for a very long time before cars and cars were seen as a natural progression of that mode of transportation. The fact we measure engines in horse-power to this day is a testament to that fact. Tablets could be seen as the next phase of computers, but the fact remains they are not as useful for many purposes as real computers are. Whereas with your car example a car completely and thoroughly replaced all functions of a horse drawn carriage in its entirety.

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 229

Studies have shown that those who pirate music end up buying something to the tune of 30% more music than those who don't download. I'm sure a google search can find the actual article with the actual percentage, but that's not the point. The point is the people who are most interested in music, and therefore the ones likely to spend the most money, spend the most time online previewing for their selections. The p2p causing damage isn't as strong of an argument as it once was.

Comment Why so serious? (Score 2) 199

"Raise your hand if you're shocked, simply shocked." Shocked that users would upload illegal content? Nope. Shocked that yet more articles come out trying to make Mega look bad, but all it says is that they are following the law? Nope again. I don't know if they were complacent or not when MegaUpload was taken down, but I constantly get the feeling the media is always wording the discussion in such a way that demonizes Mega on the assumption that they were guilty. What ever happened to fair neutral reporting? It's such a shame.

Comment Re:After 42 yrs programming I say... (Score 1) 430

Amen to that. I edit the code of others on a daily basis, and I'd have to agree completely. High level languages are expressive for a reason, and using clear variable names and code formats can easily speed things up. Our computers these days are incredibly fast, and come supplied with a considerable amount of memory, and while there do exist situations where that isn't the case it has still largely become the norm. There is no reason we can't optimize our code style for readability and for performance at the same time. I dare say that's ultimately what all developers should strive for.

Comment Re:Balancing potential deaths with real-today ones (Score 1) 130

By that logic human bodies are entirely software as well, but that obviously isn't correct. Our DNA was used to create our entire body inside of our mothers similar to how the RNA in a virus is used to turn a cell into a virus factory. The maturation chamber and injection mechanisms differ, but the RNA, and DNA in both instances completely describes the physical form to be created. However, once formed there is a very distinct permanency to the physical body that makes it hardware and not software. It contains senses, and mechanisms in order to interact with the world directly. In other words very distinctly hardware and not at all software.

Comment Re:Balancing potential deaths with real-today ones (Score 5, Insightful) 130

Not just that, but the Virus's physical form is simply a payload mechanism to inject the virus genetic code into healthy cells. The healthy cell that was infected now becomes a virus factory creating tons of new virus cells until it explodes releasing them into your system. There is a very cut and dry hardware to software paradigm here. If we consider that a virus is nothing but a genetic delivery mechanism it instantly becomes the greatest tool humanity has for this type of work. Nothing we can currently create would be even a fraction as effective.

Comment Re:Slashdot has a credibility problem (Score 1) 403

There was a case this year where a Goldman sachs employee stole source code when he left the company. The courts sided with the employee saying that the source code didn't constitute a physical object that could be stolen. Google it. The only reason he got by was because the specific wording in the law didn't explicitly outlaw the act even if it was implicitly implied. The law doesn't work properly when its vague. Too often the spirit of the law is lost in the wording.

Comment Xbox (Score 1) 267

Honestly, considering the age of the children involved I'd go with the xbox. It has the same multimedia capabilities of the ps3 (minus the obvious blue ray), and it even has a web browser now so for you the differences probably won't be that big. However, the children would probably have a better experience on the xbox. Each controller can be logged in under a unique user account which allows kids to play with each other while logged into their own personal accounts. The ps3 is much more limiting on this front. Also, the xbox tends to have more age appropriate games. There is a whole slew of games made for younger kids. I also find that the kinect that comes bundled with offers a much more unique experience for children in the realm of motion gaming.

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