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Journal Journal: Sketches 5

Some things are starting to come back to me.

I had a different Art AP teacher my Sophomore and Junior years in HS than I did my Senior. That first teacher, Mr B, retired and went off to his house near the lake with his daughter and daughter. Of course Mr B did come back once in a while. He was friends with the other art teachers.

Senior year I saw him. He smirked and said "You're an asshole. But you're a talented asshole- and I respect that."

What a dick.

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Journal Journal: Smart Kids 10

Everyone here's a smart kid.

You shrug, "I'm not that smart."

And you have a gift.

"Eh. I guess."

Christmas Cheer

Journal Journal: NOW FUCK Comcast in the ASS with a KNIFE 11

Why am I in at work at 6:50 in the morning on a Friday with no deadlines? Is it because I had to leave work for 2.5 hours yesterday afternoon to wait around for a Comcast tech who DID NOT COME?


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Journal Journal: Soft Eyes 1

Today, In the Lab

Me: "A dolphin goes: 'Ort! Ort! Or- waitaminute. That's more of an otter. A dolphin really goes 'Eek! Eek! Eek!' A Manatee goes: 'Uhhh... I'm so fat! Where are my fat jeans?!?"

J: "C, don't you miss working in your office?"

C: "I don't get entertained when I sit up there."



Journal Journal: Sometimes I Feel, I Got To, Get Away... 8

I just saw the most important movie of the year and I think everyone should go see it.

It describes a cabal of oligarchs who, in a bid to maintain their grip on institutions have set up a tribunal with no transparency. They cast down judgment with no other recourse but the same institution. They provide no material of charge to the defendant and instead hide behind a curtain of noble and pure intentions.


Journal Journal: FUCK FedEx in the ASS with a KNIFE 11

nizo was prophetic in seeing the week I've been having. So I'm working on my condo, right? And I got me a nice runner to go through from my front door in my living room to my dining room (the major path of traffic in my place). Real deal. Got it from LL Bean. I ordered it last week and thought it would arrive this week Tuesday (after the holiday). How fucking wrong I was.



Journal Journal: Autopsy of a Scene 3

Caught a Bad One

Grime is dead, you can read about it in the news. Old, lying folded up in a suitcase at the side of the road. Only headless screams in memory telling of what tragedy happened here. I haven't come here to bury Grime. But I haven't come to say its eulogy either. The story I'm interested in is the one that seems to matter least: everything that existed outsid


Journal Journal: Bees thats Orange: The Quickening (NFL 06-07) 2

So this is probably my one of only a few Cleveland Browns entries this year. It just is too much of a soulkilling occupation to have to write about a team that breaks your heart all the time. Last year I decided to try my George Costanza: do the exact opposite as every instinct I have is wrong. Sure, the Cleveland Browns still only had a 6-10 campaign but *shrugs* at least then I could drown my sorrows instead of reliving each aggravating loss.


Journal Journal: We Saw This Movie (Film Critics) 17

"It is to love when it is not there; it is not there and that same abscess sucks down all the rest of you. The powerless, anxiety, furious white heat to be without- that is where love is kept." -Some Book No One Has Written

King of the Streets

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Journal Journal: Interesting Lyrics are Written by Portishead 1

Reading back to Ian McShane, before this season of Deadwood on HBO, who was interviewed by the New York Times Arts & Leisure section, on how the dialogue in the show is so strange because where it was common in the period to speak with a single inversion in a sentence, David Milich is inclined to layer two or three inversions in a sentence.

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