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Comment Re:Divert just 0.5% of the military budget to NASA (Score 2) 247

For me, while manned mission capability is important, there are other factors that should be used in determining a good space program. It just seems very narrow minded to think that is the only thing that matters to a good space program. For example, ESA landed a probe on a comet (errr softly crashed but all landings are soft crashes :) wouldn't that contribute to them having a good space program even though they don't have the ability to launch people into space?

Comment Re:Divert just 0.5% of the military budget to NASA (Score 2, Interesting) 247

When you you watch a car race and a car pulls off to get the tires changed for the next leg of the race, you say the other divers on the road are better because the driver in the stopped car getting new tires isn't moving? At some point you have to reassess the tools and technology you are using. Yes, NASA could have been better at planning the retirement of the shuttle to not have a hiatus in manned flight missions but was continuing the space shuttle worth the money?

I mean, sure but you are using one unit of measure and saying that is the only thing that matters. Will NASA indefinitely not have that capability? Do you have other measures to determine a good space program?

Comment Re:Cyber BS (Score 1) 242

if someone went out in public and exposed their genitals to you

Not sure if it would be sexual harassment it would depend on the state and city but it would be public indecency for certain. I honestly doubt it would be sexual harassment.

But you missed another problem with the dick pic these days and when we are talking about school kids (high school and younger) the law defines those pictures as child pornography. Even if the recipient wanted to see that pic if the sender was caught and was underage they would be labeled a sex offender proliferating child porn. There have been cases like this where laws meant to protect children are now being used to ruin their lives because of social media and how it is used.

I think the point is, many of us here have learned various lessons online to help us navigate trolls and the like. Kids growing up on the internet do not have that opportunity because attaching your real identity to social media is the norm when it was the exception when I started online. I don't' envy kids in that regard and there are plenty of examples where it goes terribly wrong.

Comment Re:Cyber BS (Score 1) 242

It's still better than nothing. I don't think there will be any solution to that unless you do paid subscriptions that people value. Obviously, the troll values the laughs they get more than the time they put into to annoy someone for said laughs. How can anybody make the amount of time for laughs not worth it? The adage has always been don't feed. It isn't perfect but it does work.

Comment Re:Trump isn't the problem (Score 1) 423

Wow condescending much? I am not going to get into your 'holier than thou' comment except for just one thing. Do you think "the other side" is any better?

Do you think they are not mis/dis-informed who are easily manipulated with outright lies as their capability and willingness to do fact-checking is highly limited? Which is why they're easy prey for all sorts of conspiracy theories like vaccines cause autism and organic/non-gmo is healthier and not as ecologically damaging? Do you think lying from POTUS or congress is new? Oh boy, do I have a bridge to sell you! It's made with organic non-gmo Himalayan pink rock salt.

You are the type of fool that thinks a stereotype == reality. Yes, there are loud jackasses on both sides that make the average look retarded but you are the idiot that thinks the loud jackass is representative.

Here is what I know. Both sides are shit. There are merits to both sides of the augment because both sides can be steeped in truth. For example, Obamacare was designed to fail. Whether that is from the author stating it was a step toward single payer or the GOP bitching about rising costs and it becomes more and more obvious it isn't a long term solution no matter how it makes you feel. If single payer is the way to go, then fine. Why can't the blue states implement that and show the others that it can work at the state level? Why do they have to force it on people that have a different need and want from the federal government?

The left thinks they are good for forcing their idea of 'good' on others'. The right keeps forgetting their position and start pretending to be the left.

You are why people on the right don't listen to media outlets and don't care about being called racist. "look how smart and educated I am in gender studies and communications. I am so much better than you. Now do what I say or else I will call you names!". Why should I or anyone listen to you?

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