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Comment Re:Really not a simple choice (Score 1) 658

I'm not a cosmologist, but I have studied it, and I'm pretty sure that the current understanding of the metric expansion of space makes the "emission point" a false idea. To use the overly-abused balloon analogy, if you start off with a deflated balloon/flat rubber sheet with some points marked on and inflate/stretch it, everything gets further apart from everything, but you can't define a point where everything "came from".

Nokia Researcher Puts Firefox OS On Raspberry Pi 75

judgecorp writes "Mozilla's mobile phone operating system only exists in an early beta form, but Oleg Romashin, a researcher at Nokia, has already got it working on the Raspberry Pi and posted video to prove it. We don't think this indicates any alternate strategy for Nokia if Windows Phone doesn't pan out, but it does show that Firefox OS is portable, and the Pi is capable, and both can be played with — which will please both Mozilla and the Raspberry Pi Foundation. And the Firefox OS work in progress is available for download (direct tarball link)."

Comment Re:NBC deserves it. (Score 1) 373

I hope someday the BBC allows foreigners to pay for access to its content without having to do VPN hacks.

If they had planned on doing such a thing, removing the geowall for the duration of the Olympics to show the world what they can get would have been a great way to generate interest in it (before replacing the geowall with a paywall after the Olympics)

Comment Re:Expect networks to run to Congress (Score 1) 373

No, it's paid by those who consume live TV (online, via an aerial, or otherwise). If you don't consume live TV, you aren't required to pay (even if you own a TV used to watch prerecorded materials only). The firm responsible for collecting it, though, will use as much misinformation as possible in making you think you have to pay it, though.

Comment Not thrown out (Score 2) 922

Nowhere in the article is it said that the student has been "thrown out"; in actuality he's suspended pending the internal disciplinary process (as is, as far as I know, standard whenever a student is arrested). [For what it's worth I happen to be a postgrad at Swansea]

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